Who Wore It Best?

Hello from Romania. Bria and Grace here. Sorry that this post is coming a little late but unlike some members on the team we do like to sleep.
Yesterday was an absolute blast. We started the day off with breakfast and admired each others’ church clothes. Abby and Katrina happened to have brought the same skirt from Target Boutique, labeled as a chic floral print. We have yet to take the official vote on who wore it best but we’ll keep you updated.
Church was held in the basement of the Azel (a nursing home in Ethos) as the new church construction is underway. Hannah, Mattea, and Eden helped lead worship with the Romanian team, and it was amazing to hear the same worship songs from home sung in different languages. At church this week there was also groups from Germany and Moldova. The family from Moldova sang for us in Russian in four part harmony, and it was beautiful.
Our very own Larry Brady and Dan spoke to the congregation about their personal experiences. We were all moved to figurative (and in some cases literal @bria @pat @larry) tears. #soproud
As we were eating a traditional Romanian meal of sarmale and mamaliga (funny story: the dish actually is from turkey) we received our first round of letters from home. Shout out to Eleanor Mackey for writing four great letters with exceptionally drawn sea hares. The encouragement from all of you is invaluable.
The whole team went on an excursion to Auchan, the Romanian version of Costco, where we proceeded to demolish the Joe aisle. Liter sized teas were bought, lunch meat sections cleared, Andrew convinced to make purchases.
After filling our bags with sweets for camp and our bus ride up, we drove to our evening activities at a sports park where we met with the campers. We played heated games of energy, dodge ball, energy, ultimate frisbee, and futbol (soccer).
One of our favorite moments from yesterday was during a short break we had between Auchan and evening fun. The worship team had been practicing in the house that Grace, Bria, Abby, Morgan, and Athena have been staying in and happen to leave their instruments there. Abby busted out one of her many talents and started playing various pop, Disney, and Broadway songs on the piano. During a particularly passionate rendition of “Let it Go” those of us singing loudly and quite off key chose to act out the scene from the movie. Note this included sprinting up the stairs and stepping out onto the balcony for the final line of the song.
So here are many many shout outs from the team.
First shout out to Joshua Chen for turning 12 today!!!!!! I hope your enchromas are treating you well and that the world is more colorful for you now (I still have my doubts about whether or not they actually work). Also, I ate Schwarma!
Angie Xu: I bought Pringles and ice tea
Shout out to David Karbusicky for some awesome and quotable comments.
Mamma Pete: I forgot my retainer : l
Ray : I finally know how to make good soup (Noah)
– Shout outs from the Morgan’s
Jake: I am so excited to see your senior pictures. The ones with the punting poses sound awesome! Congratulations on surpassing McKenna with HIMYM. Maybe you should wait on the sonic, as I have many tasty treats to come home with for you. I miss and love you!
Lisa Genyk: I would like to correct myself and calling your summer salad pickles. Although…pickles sound good too πŸ™‚
Twins: U2 would not believe what I saw yesterday. Two little girls were watching SpongeBob and the voice actors were quite different. I have video to show you. Dad: congratulations on getting the job! I’m so excited for you.
Syd: if you’re reading this, I saw some of the cutest little bunny rabbit at the supermarket yesterday. Thought of you. I miss you! – Shout out to Mom & Dad Pincombe: Thanks for sending hugs! The team made sure I got them, and they’re making sure I’m staying out of trouble πŸ™‚
Shout out to Madison P: Just got your note yesterday!! Missing you extra. Listen to some For King & Country on the way to Ames for me.

21 thoughts on “Who Wore It Best?

  1. Some encouragement as you leave for camp:

    I honestly believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.
    For instance, if you decided to sell pinecones, I bet you would sell, just, an absurd amount of pinecones.

    As much fun as you all are having, I know it can get hard and tiring. Know that we all here believe in you (but you can decide which would be harder: selling pinecones or getting all of the campers to behave) and are praying for you.

    Noah – feel free to come home at any time, Mom and Dad are getting tired of rolling their eyes at me and pretending to understand why I’m like this

  2. Praying for all of you as you embark upon camp. Praying for strong messages to be shared and strong bonds to be made. Great to hear that Dan and Larry were able to share from the heart with those in the congregation!

    Morgan P.— we miss your daily updates and hope that you are taking copious notes in your journal so that we can hear all about your experience! Madison found a project on Pinterest and shared it with Dad with a request to make it. That has lead to two trips to Menards and some wood cutting and painting. The finished project of book shelves over Madison’s bed in her dorm are looking good! Tyler has been reading lots and hanging with friends at the pool. Summer just can’t be long enough for him! Have you found Gelato in Romania yet? πŸ™‚

    Love you tons and hope the team continues to hug you daily!

  3. Absolutely love the stories and moments you all are sharing! I am already eager to hear about EVERYTHING! It is so evident that God is present and working in you and alongside you in Romania. He is so dang good! I pray that you continue to witness him moving, especially in the little but oh so meaningful ways. Love you all tons.

    Morgan P- I miss you so so so so so much. Could you maybe come back right now? I miss having a willing adventure buddy! I am in the midst of planning and packing to leave for ISU in less than a week (woah crazy). Dad and I are basically master builders now (Chip and Joanna Gaines hit me up)! But above it all, I am so glad that you are beyond enjoying yourself on this trip. And you know I will be blasting For King & Country all through the corn fields πŸ˜‰

    Katrina- I am already looking forward to grabbing brunch or something with you sometime! And I bet you absolutely rocked that floral skirt πŸ˜‰ Keep being you and shining bright!!

    In Him,
    Madison Pincombe

  4. Dear hannah,
    I’m confused why you refered to our family as “your” family especially when you refer to your home as our home……. Anyway COME HOME NOW.
    Sincerely Malcolm, your bestest of all friends

  5. Morgan P.,
    I miss you so much! I’ve been missing all the laughs I have when I talk to you and the updates on your days. Your room is really nice and your bed is super comfortable! Thanks so much for letting me use it. (Just kidding I’m still stuck in the smallest room). I hope you’re having a great time in Romania!


  6. Hannah: Who said I wasn’t gonna be embarrassing? I find that it’s a good way for the other students to have a laugh πŸ˜‰
    I’m loving these action shots and I hope you won all the games. Victory is important.
    It looks pretty beautiful from what I can see already and it sounds like you and the rest of the worship team are doing an awesome job on the songs. Also, You had Shawarma!!! That’s kind of awesome. I bet it’s just as exotic as the BRIGADEIROOOS.
    We’re nearing our last days in LA and I’m gonna have a lot to share with you. It’s been an amazing trip.
    Keep on enjoying your time across the ocean with these crazy kids cause I expect a lot of stories.
    Love you lots and miss you a ton.

    Katrina: Sup, Tri? There have been lots of mountains and beaches that you’re missing out on… I guess you’ll just have to climb romanian trees instead πŸ˜• Seriously though it looks like you’re having a good time, and I think you and Abby should definitely go twinsies with the skirt.
    Are you finally feeling a bit better? Hopefully. Missing you a bunch and wanting to get a shoutout. Geez

    Abby!!!: I miss you and m glad to hear you’re finally using your awesome piano skills for the purpose of dance. It’s one of the purest causes. Can you remember to make Dan play “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” ??? Thanks. Everyone will appreciate this. Im trusting you.

    Bria: Sup, girl? I miss you already. Geez. Have you tried to make any fires yet??? I know you’re super skilled at that. Try as much crazy food as you can. I’m counting on it.

  7. Grace – THANK YOU! I got your card. The logo was vary gud. I had a fun time celebrating my birthday and i hope that you are having a good time in Romania. I got a 6×6! And for Andrew if you read this it was a Shengshou. Dad is doing his thing in Denver and we are getting ready to go to Colorado as well! I will try to reply to your posts sometimes when we are at the Rocky Mountains and all them gud places.
    Keep Meeping.

  8. Hey Team! It’s been so good reading your blog posts. It makes me miss our Romanian friends, but I’m so excited that you are getting to meet the Romanians, deepen connections with them and see God at work through Open Roads. Make sure to enjoy time with the Romanians for me too!

    I have been praying for you guys and I will continue to. Have been thinking especially of those who it’s your first time on the trip. I know that it can be a lot to take in and process at first. I would encourage you guys to lean into the Lord in this. Also, to let your team into where you are at, your team is there to offer support, encouragement and a listening ear in the processing.

    Praying that God will strengthen and encourage all of you as you serve and love. Praying as well that you will see and experience the Lord and his Word in deep and fresh ways through this trip.

    Keep the blog posts and pictures coming! We love you guys and are sending our thoughts and prayers your way!

    – Angie

  9. Hey Bria,
    I just want to let you know that dobby is mostly tolerating us with your absence. Walter is also doing ok he got into some flowers and turned himself orange. I then had to give him a bath this morning. As usual he was a great poo. Lucy also is doing good she just sleeps all day. I love you and miss you.

  10. I hope your host family found your acting out Frozen scenes (loudly I imagine) as funny as I did!! What an awesome church service, too. God just continues to bless your team. Praying for an amazing week at camp.
    Bria Pete: I know. πŸ˜‰

  11. Morgan R., we are missing you, even though it seems like just yesterday that you left. We have been putting up shelves in the twins’ bedrooms, pictures and cleaning. Sounds like fun, right? We watched La La Land with Katy and it gets better EVERY time!!! Captain has trimmed up a bit between his walks with the girls during the day and a few evening runs with me through the conservancy. He is terribly out of shape (even more than me) as I have to let him walk the last 1/4 mile. He just looks up at me with that sweet “eye” to say “Really, Mom???!!!” Then he forgets how tired he was and is ready to go again in an hour. πŸ™‚ Finn has decided that being outside our fenced yard is dangerous! I swear he must smell mean, pig-loving dogs or the coyotes that have been spotted a few blocks away. Someone is missing their cat, so I suspect Finn may know he could be next. πŸ™‚ So, he has stayed in our yard happily eating his corn and getting treats inside. Cord’s work permit to go to Montreal didn’t get processed in time, so he is a man without a country. πŸ™‚ He is flying here tonight to stay with us until the work permit is finalized (which could be anyday). Then, he will head to Montreal to join Leslie! Ashton signs with the Wisconsin Chamber Choir during the Concert on the Square in Madison this Wed. Pray for good weather. We will tape it for you. Otherwise, all is good. I know you are having fun and also know that you are doing amazing and challenging work for God. I thank God everyday for my amazing children, and for giving you such a huge, giving heart!!! I love you!

  12. Praying for ya’ll as you head to camp! What a week you’re gonna have!! We’re also praying for strength, compassion & good sleep! Somebody please tell the story of the year the bus did NOT make it up the mountain road to camp and they “got to” ride in a (legit) dump truck! It was in the early years (& Cassidy Trier was on the trip). So remember, things could always be worse!

    Awesome updates on the blog!! Wish I had some jokes to share that didn’t have to do with corn, but that’s all I’ve got . . . we just went through a round of corn puns with Jenna in NY (dad-Mike is the punster): such as Jenna is out-standing in her field, hope your day is a-maising, “quit tasseling me, I can’t ear any more sweet jokes” and finally – “all out of puns. I can’t stalk anymore”.

    Dan: so thrilled to hear you got to share your heart – up front & personal!! That’s not easy to do!! I’m so stinkin’ proud of you & I’m sure God is bursting His buttons as well! Hershey and I are holding down the fort for the week & hosting Dad’s friend (Mike P.) who is working at the CrossFit Games (which I guess is a big deal for Madison, WI). Paula & James are up enjoying the lake/cabin and missing you terribly!

    Everyone else: please hug Dan for me or even a dog pile would do (as Ben suggested). And I’d love to see the Shaorma Happy Dance – video anyone?

    Love ya’ll!

    P.S. Dan, I hope one of those bag of Joe is for me, btw!!

  13. Hannah, holy cow I miss you so much and I just want to talk to you but I’m not too fond of the idea of pouring out my thoughts and drama on a public website to be read to your whole team… We should have come up with code names as we briefly discussed :/ anyways, I’m currently folding your laundry (you’re welcome) and watching the Men Tell All episode of the Bachelorette and I just found out that sweet innocent Dean is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise so I wish I had you to support me through this hard time. Romania sounds pretty cool though so I forgive you. I’m proud that you are actually trying new foods. Look how much you’ve grown already 😊 I think you can tell how much I miss you considering I’ve commented on almost every post… see you when you finally come back! I love you ❀️

  14. Hey team! Thanks for the awesome blog posts – it is great to hear about all of your adventures! We are praying for you all and the Romanian campers! Please bring back video of any more Broadway/Disney sing-a-longs πŸ™‚
    – Maddie and the Impact Team

  15. Praying for you all as you as camp kicks off! So many awesome things are happening.

    Props to all those good – soup makers! You want a reminder? Ok. I’m going to take the notes Dan used in his talk, Ed’s glasses and all the Joe that was purchased. And THAT, my friends, is good soup.

  16. Praying for you all! Mar and Ed your sweet Evie is getting a lot of snuggles and love:) will continue to pray for safety and for God’s work that you are all doing!

  17. So great to hear from my friend Grace! Grace, I still have the tie-dye bandana you made for me before our Alaska trip!

    Blessings to all of you wonderful folks and I pray that God will move in wonderful ways! –Kirk

  18. Also, Bri,
    Praying for you as you guys head off to camp! I bet you are having so much fun, and I can’t wait to hear all your stories!

    You know who

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