Reflections from the plane

Hello everyone, this is Kip tapping in for probably our final blog post. As I sit here on the final hours of our last flight, looking at the familiar faces of the students and leaders that I’ve spent the past two weeks with, I am reminded of the power of community. Throughout the entire trip, this team has been an unbreakable foundation upon which we can freely share our thoughts, feelings, and worries without judgement. I am truly blessed and lucky to have the opportunity to be surrounded by such an amazing group of God-fearing friends. There are so many stories and jokes that we’ve had a chance to create, from one of Julian’s many ridiculous and hilarious songs to the times spent awake at a ludicrously late hour goofing around. In addition, the relationships I and the team made with the Romanians this year were eye opening and life changing. Before arriving in Craiova, I personally was a bit anxious about being able to open up more and build more relationships this year, especially considering I didn’t feel like I got close with many of the Romanians last year. But there was one guy named David that I had gotten tight with, and he made me feel right at home when I greeted him this time around. We both love cars and rock music, so we spent quite a bit of time discussing whether AC/DC is overrated or not and the differences in the American and Romanian car markets, among many other eye-catching topics. He was an extremely important figure in my journey this year and helped me create many lasting relationships with other Romanians this year. By the end of our time in Romania, I felt like I could be myself around everyone I talked to; there was an indescribable sense of safeness and inclusivity that I’ve never felt before. Although leaving Craiova early on Sunday morning was one of the hardest goodbyes I’ve had to endure, I am inspired by how God showed his grace and kindness to me through amazing people like David and the rest of the Romanians. Returning home will be a tough pill for me to swallow, but I return with the comfort of knowing that as long as I stay committed to surrounding myself with a God-fearing community, my fears and worries about this world with sort themselves out. Thanks so much to all that prayed for us on our journey and to all those still hanging around reading this post, and we will see you all shortly.






To George: Hello George, I hope to see you at school tomorrow and I hope your pet tortoise “walaweegius” enjoys his spa day.


To walaweegius: I love you walaweegius, I hope that you think of me during your spa day, remember to ask for Mcgundus to do your shell wax.

2 thoughts on “Reflections from the plane

  1. Thank for writing such a great final post, Kip. It sounds like your trip was amazing in so many ways. I am so happy for all of you and praying that your re entry isn’t too rough!

  2. Hey Kip. It was great reading your input. Im so glad you got to come to Romania this year and i am eagerly looking forward to next year. Ps(bring your license) :))

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