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Hello Friends and Family, Julian here! I am so excited to share about what we have been doing on this great Hawaiian shirt day! After sleeping through the barkpocalypse (early morning event where every dog in a 10 *kilometer* radius barks for roughly an hour), eating a hearty breakfast, enjoying some productive team time and eating lunch, we had an impromptu water war. It all started when a few of the leaders took Matt from his comfy hammock and threw him in a nearby pool, it did not go by smoothly and Matt almost escaped, but with that action, the war began. Daniel was stationed on the side of the patio with his water cannon (hose) while the infantry began to attack the unsuspecting students. I ran through the battlefield holding my violin with dear life as I could not get it wet. Once I returned it inside, I re-entered no man’s land and quickly became soaked. I decided to change my shirt and once I returned, I found myself being hunted by the other brainwashed students. I ran for dear life, accidentally finding myself in another Romanian’s backyard and a man asking what I was doing, but luckily, they lost my trail. I scuttled back onto the main road and checked my surroundings, making sure I was safe. I was not. I ran away from the soldiers and found a hiding place behind some bushes. At that moment I was scared for my clothes and needed to choose my next move carefully. As I tried to catch my breath, I could hear Lief and Cade approaching my hiding spot, I got up, ready to run and leaped out of the bushes and probably trampled some plants. I sprinted through the grass and pavement and leaped from a hill, not knowing if it was 2 feet tall or 10 I landed and attempted to get back up. Luke, Nikki, and some others attacked me and finally took me down, hungry for blood. I walked back to the Vieru’s backyard, tired, wet, and unknowing of the horror to come. As I went to rest in a chair, the evil leaders grabbed me to send me into the pool. I struggled, tried to get out, sprayed my glasses spray at them, but it was to no avail.

My last words, “Take off my shoes!!!!”.


6 Total Pool Drops,

Multiple Wet Bodies.


Okay, okay, okay… Don’t freak out guys! Everyone is fine, alive, but with a lot of wet clothes. A while after that we went to Auschan, the big Costco-like Romanian mall. People picked up stuff for the games and crafts at camp, some Joseph,

Jkz fgvkllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

(sorry that was from Toby, don’t tell Daniel that we were playing with him)



and other such sweets. Our last event of the day was a time to hangout with some of the Romanian students going to the camp at the school. We had a lot of time to catch up with students from last year and get to meet some of the numerous new faces at the soccer field. We went around in a circle and had everyone introduce themselves, saying their name and a word of something they like and then played energy. Basically, capture the flag with no flags and hard to explain rules of how to put someone in Jail. While were hanging out later a lot of us were working on Romanian phrases like “Crăiciun Fericit” which means “Merry Christmas”, “Mișto”, “Dope” and “Bate Palma”, “High Five”. Altogether, we are so excited for our remaining time in Craiova and what God has in store for us, at camp, with the students, and the leaders.

Thanks for reading peep!


To Hannah: Here’s your shoutout so feed my fish and I love you!

To Hannah: I miss my backpack buddy!

To Noah Pollard (from Aisha and Toni K): We miss you!

To George: I miss you buddy, I hope your vacation is going well. How is Stuart? Also, have you fed my fish?

To Sam: I like your new glasses?

To Nicky (from Kipp): How’s the craftin’?

To Morgan: Toni says that Ashton is his favorite Reed.

To Larry: Minimize the shanks and hit ‘em far!


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  1. I approve of Matt getting thrown in the pool. Thanks for the great description! Love to Pat Brady- I hope she was spared!!

  2. Very good, Julian…thanks for the post. And especially the photo. More of that please!!

    Did Leah get thrown in the pool? I hope so. She still hasn’t given us a proper shout out. 😜


  3. I think my heartrate actually elevated while reading about the violin’s near-death experience. Also, good use of glasses spray.

    Praying for y’all! (Could someone say hi to Ana C for me if she’s there?)

    Kiddo, I’m confused. The cat didn’t what? Didn’t reciprocate your (assumed) offer of friendship? Didn’t appreciate being called cute? Didn’t give you a grumpy old man face? This has been baffling us all day.

    Also, the rents are disgruntled by the dearth of shoutouts (tho apparently there’s “no pressure”). The parental unit of the maternal variety wishes to convey her delight that your battle skills are serving you well, and the paternal variety expresses approval at the utilization of your tactical trainings. Hannah, on the other hand, would like to inform you that she’s hungry.

  4. I love that there are some new ‘slang’ words being learned, (although I guess not ‘Merry Christmas’ ahaha) and I was just retching my brain trying to remember the easy Romanian phrases, ce faci, multumesc. It is always so encouraging to hear about all the relationships that are being built, and we can not wait to hear about camp! praying for you all.
    shout out to:
    – our little bro Brad: I’m sure all the Romanian’s love you already!
    – our dear cousin MEL you are an amazing leader and can not wait for your stories.
    -and don’t worry I did not forget about you Pat and your sweet sweet self, keep being you and loving those Romanians!

    Give our love to all the Romanians and Noapte Buna!!

  5. It sounds like Luke’s Waunakee Water War experience has been put to good use in Romania. He was the champion after all. What a fun spontaneous thing!

    Looks like all of us parents are (not so) patiently awaiting our shout outs…. Fish, dogs, Mafia mentors, people with backpacks and more are getting theirs… but not us. Don’t worry … we just fed you, kept you alive all these years and loved y’all a bunch too. 😉

    Hi to Angie, Pat and Mel!! Hope you stayed dry in the war.

  6. Kip, unlike others on your trip, you are fortunate that you do not have to worry about your fish going hungry. Sounds like everyone is doing well, great to read about the adventures. Safe travels to the mountains and may God continue to bless the team.

  7. Where do I begin, Julian, your description of water wars was great, it was like I was there! Stay healthy. Shanks. . . .they are wicked wicked things! I know them too well.
    Blessings to the team and praying for great weather at camp and for God to do a mighty work.
    P.S. You can get Pat wet, just not the hair!

  8. Hi Julian! Your mom is here. Сool to hear you are learning Romanian.
    Just so you know, Romanian is a “Romance language, belonging to the Italic branch of the Indo-European language family, having much in common with languages such as French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese” (wikipedia). What that means is that it’s not a Slavic language like Ukrainian, but should have some commonalities with Spanish, but not as many as with Italian. So, maybe you should learn Italian next? If you want to explore the Slavic language family languages, then we could continue with our Ukrainian language lessons. Anyway, remember to brush up on your IPA (not beer, but the International Phonetic Alphabet) and let me know if you discovered any fricatives. 🙂

    Thanks for saving the violin from the water damage. We just had some red lentil pasta for dinner with sugar free pasta sauce and it was delicious! Charlie and Bella are saying hi.

    To Isabelle: I saw your mom at church today. She is doing fine. Don’t worry about her.
    To Kipp: is your name really spelled with two p’s? Nicky is saying hi. He’s doing great at mining.
    To CTM: the people who are bagging groceries at Pick’n’Save are not nearly as good as you!

    Julian’s mom (Ruslana Руслана)

    P.S. Romanian has the fricative /ʒ/ and the glottal fricative /h/, which do not occur in Italian .

  9. Hi, Julian.

    Aren’t you glad your mother is sharing her fricative information. It’s very important when studying Romanian.

    Always remember, be courteous, kind, and forgiving…be loving and peace each day, be kind to all of your neighbors, and have a good thing to say.

    You unHeavenly Father,

    Dad A.K.A. Rob Westerlund

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