Meet the Team: Julian

Hello Everyone!

My name is Julian and I will be a senior at Middleton High School next year! I am really excited to return back to Romania as this will be my second time going there. As well I am also a part of Servant Team and Home Groups through Blackhawk and spend a couple weeks of my summer evening fun and co leading with Madison Missions. Outside of Blackhawk, I enjoy playing badminton (specifically no decimals mode), working on the batcave (I designed the animal and food farms, the aquarium and the villager trading hall) with the “wolfpacc!”, playing violin and listening to classical music. If you are in need of a suggestion I would recommend Mahler Symphony No. 2 “Ressurection”, it is quite a masterpiece, as for concertos Beethoven Violin Concerto is quickly topping my list of favorites (Hilary Hahn’s recording specifically). Regarding chamber music (probably the music I am the least familiar with) would be Alexander Borodin’s String Quartet No. 2. Altogether, stick with Romantic or Classical, and stray away from Baroque (unless of course it’s Vivaldi, Corelli or Locatelli), that stuff is enclaas. I also enjoy hanging out with Kipp.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Team: Julian

  1. Hi Julian. This is your grandma. So thankful your trip was safe. Enjoy this experience. It doesn’t happen to everyone. Thank God for daily provisions. Love always, grandma.

  2. Hi Julian. This is your daddy-o. According to the Romanian blessings, I wish you the following: The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face to shine upon you and give you piece. May the road rise up to meet you. May the squirrels bring you nuts. May the robins bring you worms. May the dogs (Charlie and Bella) bring you their bones and sit in your lap when you return. May this Romanian-Irish-Westerlund blessing be with you always.


  3. Hi Juju,

    This is mom. It’s 10am and Nicky and I are off to mow the lawn and pick up all the dog doo-doo. You are missing out big time. Dad and grandpa are fixing a bunch of things in the house. So far, the biggest accomplishment was replacing the bulb in the kitchen and oiling/adjusting the sliding the door. It’s so much easier to open now.

    Enjoy this time of serving God and others.
    mom xoxo
    Say hi to Kipp and CTM

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