Meet the Team: Nikki

Prompt: A short bio of who you are


A thought process –

Ugh. I hate writing about myself. What am I supposed to say beyond, my name is Nikki, this is my first time going to Romania, and I’m going to be a junior next year at Middleton? Is there any other way to do this…?

  1. Something witty and smart… like a section of a non-existent research paper?

    1. Give them an excerpt from “If I’m Helpful, Maybe They Won’t Send Me to Antarctica: A Study in Family/Group Dynamics” by Nikki Yu (aforementioned non-existent research paper)

    2. Write an abstract? Hmm, I should have started that a couple days ago.

  2. Write a bio using just song lyrics

    1. Kinda cool, I have quite the variety of song on my ipod (mostly 70s to 90s pop. Thanks parental units!)

    2. But wait, I’d have to explain each song I use and I’d still be writing this on the plane to Romania.

  3. Outsource the brainstorming and writing to my sister

    1. Hmmm… that’s not a bad idea. She likes writing way more than I do and she’s actually good at it.

    2. But, this could contribute to the bafflingly persistent difficulty people have in telling us apart, so maybe not.

    3. I doubt she’d even do it, never mind.

  4. Let my cat walk back and forth on the keyboard

    1. Heh.

  5. List all the ideas I had for a bio in the order that I had them

    1. Cons: too short

    2. Pros: hey look, I’m done

4 thoughts on “Meet the Team: Nikki

  1. This was a clever and witty entry that made me laugh out loud! I do think scratching out K is a bit creepy, but at least it’s clear to all which one is you. We’ll be praying for your whole team to be blessed as you seek to bless others in Romania. In Christ, Aunt Toni, Uncle Walter, Nathan & Naomi

  2. Whatever! So funny!!! Loved this. You are super creative. Maybe you got that from your parental units.

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