Meet the Team: Luke


My name is Luke Stevens, but I may be referred to as Sweeney, Weenies, Pukas, or even Stormy. This is my second time on this amazing trip and I’m so excited to be going back.

Same as last year, I am the sole representative of Waunakee high school on this team. Actually, I just graduated high school in June and am off to Taylor University this fall! It is a small school in the middle of the corn field widely known for it’s Silent Night tradition (look it up).

Important things to know about me are that I enjoy all food and most music. Most of my nights include driving around and listening to music. I love hiking, hammocking, swimming, reading Harry Potter and watching superhero movies. If you have any questions about the greater MCU or HP worlds, I’m your guy because I’ve studied them more than I should admit. I also enjoy sushi, lacrosse, Kipp, guitar, How I met you mother, New Girl, and more.

Anywho thanks for reading about me and the other posts on here!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Team: Luke

  1. Would you say you are also referred to as pickles 😉? So excited for you to be back at it in Romania! To you and all the team, I’ll be praying for y’all and excitedly awaiting more updates. I would like to know who enjoys kipp (with 2 p’s) the most though… send my love to Daniel and Dana and the whole team over there and squeeze Beni’s muscles for me!

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