Meet the Team: Leah

Hi friends! My name is Leah and I am going to be a Senior at Memorial high school next year. This year I am blessed with the opportunity of returning to Romania for a second time! I can’t wait to catch up with all the Romanian students and leaders from last year, as well as beginning to build new relationships. God used this trip to develop my faith is big ways last year and I am both anxious and ecstatic to see all he does this year. Please pray that I would be on the lookout for the ways God is going to work on the trip and that I would ground myself in his Presence.

While I’m sure Romania will be the highlight of my summer, I have been keeping plenty busy with lots of fun things so far. I have been running cross country in attempts to get back into shape after a long off season, nannying two awesome kids, reading Harry Potter, hammocking, leading worship for Madison Missions, and spending lots of time with friends. Other things I enjoy include (but are not limited to) ukulele, singing, musical theater, Kipp, forensics speech, ultimate frisbee, Stranger Things, and mac and cheese.

Thanks for reading the blog and stay posted throughout our trip!

One thought on “Meet the Team: Leah

  1. Leah
    I’m a big fan of yours – as you probably already know. You ever get tired of those parents of yours – Just come on over. Sunshine and I would adopt you in a heart beat.
    Love you…

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