Meet the Team: Grace

Hi, I’m Grace I will be going into my senior year at Shabazz City High School. This year I am looking forward to continuing to work on improving the school district for my fellow students of color. Last year I was on a district wide committee and attending a number of events in efforts to improve district conditions. After my senior year I plan on going to college to become a Social Worker and working with foster kids. I am so excited to have the opportunity to go to outside the country, see other cultures and meet new people. I look forward to building new relationships and spreading love as well as growing in the relationship I already have with the team.


4 thoughts on “Meet the Team: Grace

  1. Hi Grace

    Were thinking about you and imagining you “high in the sky” and having a great time! We look forward to your checking you blog for updates – don’t let us down.
    Love Grandma Penny

  2. Day 2(or is it 3) and I’m wondering what you are doing this very minute?

    It’s 8:10 in Iowa and I’m sipping my first cuppa Joe.

    Looking forward to getting updates so we an follow you on this adventure!

    Love, Grandma P

  3. Hi Grace
    What a wonderful post. Thank so much. Your aspirations are awesome. So glad that you are a part of the Romania Team. God is doing big things in your life. I’m so happy for you. Have a great day.
    Pastor Chris

  4. Yay Grace! I am so proud and excited for you. I hope all is well over there :). Thinking of you and praying! I’m excited to hear about the trip when you’re back!

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