Buna from Rachel and Adia (Ah-deeyah, as the Romanians call me).

We are writing to you from the van as we head back to Craiova from camp. It is no doubt that everyone has grown from this experience. It’s been a long week, yet one that went by way too fast. We have built many relationships and continued old ones. Yesterday was our last full day. It was jam-packed with fun things like visiting Corvin Castle in Hoanadoara, which was about an hour away from camp. We returned to camp and some of us took naps, some wrote Happy Fun Notes, and others played games. We had baked potatoes and chicken kabob for dinner. Daniel gave the talk for the night session about who God is and why we should accept Him into our life. When Dan was done, Lief read “A Father’s Love Letter.” It’s a letter written from God to us, His children, and is a collection of bible verses. After the letter had the majority of the room crying, the worship team went up and sang Amazing Grace as members of the American & Romanian teams walked out with pieces of cardboard that on one side had a myth that they have believed about themselves and on the other it had the truth of what God believes – and how they’ve been transformed by that truth by trusting God. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was so profound and the feeling of the Holy Spirit’s presence was overwhelming. We then had our last small group discussion. All week I felt very proud of the campers in my small group as they had the courage to ask difficult questions and to be vulnerable with us. We finished up our small group time and we had time to write more Happy Fun Notes, watch the movie “I Can Only Imagine,” and go out to the bonfire and make s’mores. Many people stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning! Thankfully our last morning didn’t start as early and we are able to get some rest on the ride down the mountain. Overall it was a really great last day of camp.

Rachel: This trip has really changed my life in many ways. For one, we talk way too much about trains (it’s an inside team joke you’ll have to ask us about when we get home – and if you don’t know what I am talking about consider yourself blessed. J) This trip for me has been both emotionally and physically draining but it has been totally worth it because of the relationships I have made. It is really hard for me to try and build these relationships with the Romanian students because I don’t speak their language and many of them speak only limited English. I want the conversations with each Romanian to go deeper than than “Ce Faci” and “Bine” each way (which means “how are you” and “good,” respectively.) Even though there is that language barrier between us; we still have found ways to show and communicate love to each other. A lot of the campers I have gotten to know have come from tough backgrounds and I realize how much I have to be thankful for. When we were sharing in our groups last night within a one and a half hour period we only made it through one full question, and that’s a good thing. It means that the girls had a lot to say and ask. Last night was the first night that all of the girls opened up about their struggles and hardships. It was so cool to see that they trusted us enough to become vulnerable and tell us their life stories. It is so amazing to see how God is working through all of these campers! Even though some campers don’t believe what we are saying about God, I can see Him working in and through them. This trip has really helped me grow in my relationship with God and even continue to ask hard questions I have. It’s so hard to understand why terrible things happen to good people. This trip has opened my eyes to a lot of new experiences that will stay with me forever.

Adia: Throughout this week, I felt a bit discouraged because I was not able to be as physically active as I had hoped I could be. I was bummed that I couldn’t build community with the Romanians during the games. But as I talked to Karen – another American who serves on the Romania leadership team each sumer, she reminded me that God has a plan and that things don’t always go the way we want them to. It was fitting that the main theme of the week was to trust in the Lord and the verse was Proverbs 3:5-6. There were many talks about trusting God in the face of obstacles, and that rang so true for me the whole week. I realized that God was trying to show me that sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to live out his purpose for us. This week was a lot of fun, but it was also hard. With late nights and early mornings, full fifteen-hour days, we had to lean on each other and the Lord for strength and encouragement. And when I was discouraged, I was impressed and lifted up when I looked at the rest of my team and saw how they remained positive in the face of exhaustion and chaos. I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing team of strong and courageous individuals. When one person is down, they come together to make that person feel loved and supported. And even when discouraged and challenged, with God and my teammates right by my side, it makes long days and shorter nights entirely worth it.


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To Merlin, Ed & Eliana: Happy 2 months Eliana!! Ed, no Wanted this year. Merlin, can you just hear your name being called?? Love you guys!

To @irwindoodle we miss you and love you and can’t wait to scratch your chin when we get home.

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  1. Camp is over but the feelings will last
    You’ll long remember this time from your past.
    Relationships grew one with another
    Sister to sister and brother to brother.

    But most important of all is the growth you’ve all seen
    In your relationship with God, on whom we all lean.
    Enjoy decompressing and preparing to return.
    And leave plenty of time to digest what you’ve learned.

  2. Hi Adia! I’m sorry to hear about your discouragement, but very glad you’re with loving sisters and brothers to help you through it. I’m hoping and praying that you’ll have the same kind of community at Penn State! 🙂

    I don’t think I can post pictures here. I’m not seeing anything where you can add attachments. I’ll text you some. 🙂


  3. Sounds like the trip is coming to a close! I’ve seen the Instagram stories, and it looks like it’s been a great week! I loved seeing my big brother dance up a STORM. Luke, I’m here to tell you things that will hopefully cheer you up! Guess what? I got the lead role in Fame Jr.! Mom is always complaining about her being hot and it’s FREEZING in the house🙄 I took two dubs in fortnite for ya big bro. I love ya so much and hope the travel back is very relaxing and restfull! See ya soon!!!!

  4. Oh my boy Luke, do I MISSSSS YOU!

    Mom is away from her computer so I just jumped up into the red chair, reclined it and put up my paws and am using her computer to send you a message. I don’t understand why you aren’t here. I keep walking over to your suite but you aren’t there. I miss you giggling to yourself for reasons I can’t understand. I have sat in the front yard every day looking down the street wait to see if you get dropped off by Andrew (your car is here so you have to be with him).

    I bet you are wondering what has been happening with me while you left me…. I will tell you! First I had fun for a few days at Sarah-the-Dog-Whisperer’s house. I love hanging out with her dogs and I made a new friend. There was this goofy dog they called Irwin but he said I could call him I-Doodle. We are tight now and we would like to jam together with you and Andrew someday! ALSO… my seemingly never ending quest to catch a rabbit is OVER! I got a bunny! Dad wasn’t happy with me that I wanted to chew it but I feel like a champ! 😉 AND… I also found this really cool thing to bite, pull and tear apart outside…. it was this thing that was wrapped around that tall poll that has a net at the top that you throw a ball into. Dad AND mom weren’t happy with me then. But I suppose it is because they already were frustrated at me for digging hole #4 and 5 in the yard. I can’t help it… I love mud! But I hate the bath that followed my digapalooza!

    Please come home soon so I can sit on your lap, lick your face and try to talk you into letting me outside with my blankie! I miss you my boy.

    MacSweeney Stevens

  5. Hey team, Mom Metzger here. Thanks for the beautiful post, Rachel and Adia. It sounds like the team really “left it all on the court” (so to speak) at camp this week. I’m sure you’re all exhausted – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I just want to encourage you to finish the race strong! It’s not over yet, and we’re praying for you all over the next couple of days as you do the work to move towards processing all that your hearts have been through. And try not to compare your experience to those around you. There is not one way you “should” feel through all of this. Just keep your heart open to what God has for YOU.

    Ok, that’s all the Mom advice I have for now. You guys rock…we’re all so proud of you and the work you’ve done and the ways you’ve opened yourselves up to this experience. Love and hugs to you all! 😊❤️

    ps – Hannah, I got you. 🏈👍

  6. It’s so great to hear about all of those amazing relationships! The story about “A Father’s Love Letter” and the incredible way that you could feel the Holy Spirit sounds so wonderful! I’ll be praying for safe travels and continued relationships. It’s been so much fun reading this blog every day!!!

  7. We interrupt this blog for an important golf update: Rory McIlroy doesn’t lead the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, but a 3-under 67 on Friday in Round 2 got him to 8-under overall and within three of co-leaders Tommy Fleetwood, Ian Poulter and Justin Thomas.

    We now return you to your regular programming.

    (Hi Kip! Miss you lots bud)


  8. Noah there have been three different times now that I’ve called home and nobody answers. I’m talking Mom, Dad, and even Oma ignoring my calls (or mom says she’ll call back but then NEVER does). I miss when you’re home and actually pick up and pretend to be interested in the things I spaz about. Be present through debrief and good luck processing everything. Feel free to just fly straight into msp instead of going home, I wouldn’t complain.


  9. Thanks for all of the blog posts guys! I have loved reading the blogs and hearing how the Lord is working, what you are learning about yourself in the process, and all the fun that you are having. It’s hard to believe that your time at camp has wrapped up. Praying for the sweet times with the Romanians before leaving for debrief. Seniors, I’m praying for you especially as the goodbyes can weigh more heavily on the seniors at times. Praying that you can find comfort in the Lord and that you will be able to leave with a grateful, overflowing heart as you remember your time and experiences in Romania. I will be praying for your time at debrief – for honest conversations with each other, for encouragement and refreshment, and for openness to receive what the Lord has for you.

    Thank you so much for your sweet card! It has been a challenging couple weeks, but the Lord has been so faithful to remind me of His presence through the kindness and support of others. Thanks for making me feel so loved!

    Love, Ang

  10. Hi Adia! I loved reading your post. Discouragement, leaning on God and your team, fun times, hard times, lifting each other up, chaos, finding strength…what an awesome way to live, right?! So blessed :). Dad, Luke, Ruby and I all miss you tons and can’t wait to see your face and hug you!!!

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