More than just a hike

Hello Americans! This is Kip here to give you all a quick update. So far we have completed two full days of camp. Yesterday (Tuesday) was the most eventful day thus far. In the morning we rallied the campers and journeyed on a unexpectedly short hike to a nearby waterfall. We were told it would take around an hour just to arrive at the waterfall, but it ended up being an hour for the round trip. The trail we took was narrow and crossed a stream many times, but I couldn’t really see much other than that because we were in a valley surrounded by mountain sides. After reaching the waterfall and capturing some beautiful pictures and selfies, the group headed back to the camp. Such a short lived hike after the legend & lore of Romanian hikes left a lot to be desired for some of us, so about half of the group decided to go on another adventure on a different trail. Even though I was practically running on fumes from lack of sleep and sore knees, I unwillingly decided to go on the second expedition, which is quite possibly one of the best decisions I’ve made on this trip. The trail we trecked was wide and relatively level, contrary to the narrow and steep trail we walked on the first hike. In addition, someone decided to bring a dog along this time. Athough thousands of tall pine trees surrounded us throughout the walk, the visibility was exceptional. Along the way were steep ravines and dropoffs, sunlit mountainsides and gushing streams. The dog actually jumped in one of the streams and enjoyed the refreshing blast of cool water. Seeing some of the best of God’s fantastic creation inspired me and lifted my spirits. Instead of trying half-heartedly to drag my feet along and only focusing on lunch, which had previously dominated my mind, I became upbeat and happy. Even more importantly, I was able to engage in many awesome conversations and experiences with the Romanian campers. Thinking back now, especially on how those relationships became stronger and more intimate on that hike, I can’t help but thank God for using His amazing creativity to transform me from a fatigued, zombie-like figure into an energetic person willing to share God’s love with the campers through conversations. After about a half an hour, Daniel said we had to head back as lunch would be served soon. When we got back, I was extremely grateful that I had gone on that second hike. I’m also pretty sure the dog was too.


(Don’t worry mom and dad, I made sure I got pictures)

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  1. Nice post, Kip. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear more stories.


  2. Kip-
    I read your post to Chase and Maddie and they are both jealous- It’s been a long time since Maddie’ s been swimming!
    Thanks for the great description of your day.
    Shout out and a Thank you to all the leaders on the trip for making this experience happen for both the Romanian and American students!!

  3. Romanian phrase of the day: “Nu te duce în cascade.” Don’t go chasing waterfalls. (Just kidding, go chase them waterfalls.) Love to all!

  4. Thanks for all of the updates and pictures! It sounds like camp has provided amazing moments sprinkled with challenging and growth-inspiring ones, as well. You all must be exhausted…but I hope you can continue to be fully present and open to whatever you are supposed to experience next.

    Anxiously awaiting the next post.

    Noah…that hat! 😉 <3

  5. Ugh…responding from my computer rather than my phone certainly does not allow for many good emojis! Bummer…hope Mel is able to clearly express the difference between the fun emojis and the less than exciting ones (like these) as she reads the responses. 🙂

    Thinking of you all…

  6. Hey Kipper, glad you went on that 2nd “rough” hike too! But remember, being tired after a hike is “par for the course”. Hopefully you didn’t get “sand-trap”-ed in your shoes while you were walking, Dude. But sounds like you were able to really “drive” home the Gospel message with some of your Romanian friends while you “putted” along, enjoying all the “green” to be seen! But hat’s off to y’all: it takes an “iron” will to make it in that thin mountain air. Did you see any “eagles” while up there?? It would really be “bogeys” if you didn’t! Well, I better stop with all these bad golf puns, before you “club” me when you get home!

    Seriously, Kip, great post! Meanwhile….I just wanted to bring a smile (or maybe a painful grimace) to your face, as y’all spend your final days/hours/minutes bonding, serving, and worshiping on this Great Romanian Adventure! Continue to live in the moment. Don’t let your guard down. Be alert for the Whisper of the Spirit, even to the very, very end!

    -Dad K

  7. That is so amazing Kip! God’s creation truly is wonderful and it’s so cool to hear about how God blessed your relationships through that hike.

  8. For Mel: 👨🏻🧜🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️👯‍♀️🐼🌮🗽🤝

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