Full day, full hearts

This is Lief. One of my roles on this trip is making sure we have people are writing about their experiences via the blog. We do this in order to process what God is doing in our hearts and keep our support network at home (all of you!!!) in the loop so you can be part of this too… and it is clearly also a place for some silly shenanigans – particularly via the shoutout & comments sections. I need to confess to you tonight that while we started out pretty strong on the blog front, I dropped the ball and everyone went back to bed before I asked someone to write up a blog entry for today. I think it’s actually a good indication about what our first day in Craiova was like – we had a full day. I won’t say much now as I really need to hit the ole hay and I’ll have some students post about it in the morning so you can check that out on Friday. I will say this though: students slept great on Wednesday night (thank you for your prayers), everyone woke up healthy (thank you for your prayers), and from breakfast to 10:45pm the team kept up a great pace (thank you for your prayers -please keep them coming!). There was lots and lots of meeting new people – the coming together of the American team and the Romanian leaders. There was camp planning and everyone jumped right in as if they’ve done this a million times. We had an unexpected visit to the midweek prayer & worship service at the Ethos church where we got to share in the worship service (with just a bit of short notice! Thank you for your prayers!). And a night of laughter, games, worship and stories of God’s goodness around the campfire. Let’s just say that when we finished in prayer at the campfire – we were ready for some rest, but are hearts were full. And tomorrow is likely more of the same. I can’t finish the post without saying how truly remarkable these students are. Parents/grandparents – you have much to be proud of in your kids (this goes for parents of the leaders too!). They are flexible, patient, humble, teachable, and ready for anything. I am so excited to see how God chooses to challenge and encourage this team through each individual who is a part of it. Don’t worry all you Romania team alumni – you were/are also remarkable – and you are also missed – by our team and by the Romanians. It is an honor to serve and have served with such a great group of people – and on behalf of all of us, just as great an honor to get to be part of such a special community here in Romania – as Hannah said last night, they are family to one another – and they let us be a part of it too! God is so good.

Until tomorrow – Noapte Buna,


8 thoughts on “Full day, full hearts

  1. Thanks for writing, Lief! Sounds like it’s been (as the Metzger girls’ Grandma is fond of saying) a “busy, happy day!” 😊 Tell Leah I went to the school athletic meeting. Bad news – I have 15 Spartan cards for you to sell. Good news – you get new uniforms this year! (Shorts that fit…woo hoo!)
    ❤️ to you all from this side of the pond ❤️

  2. You made it!! Have loved reading the updates and seeing pictures of you guys and our Romanian friends. Thankful to hear that the Lord has been giving you the strength and endurance needed. Praying that he will continue to sustain you and fill you with joy and love as you pour out.

    Missing being there with all of you!

    – Angie

  3. So proud of the hard loving work that is already being put in by the team this year! Praying big for God to use you all in ways He hasn’t done in years past. Praying for hearts and minds to be open to the Lord for you all and the Romanians. Stormy (Luke) missed ya at the rest of the Dells, I won the Euchre tournament by just a loner tie breaker against Momma! I love you and can’t wait to read more of your experience and them talk about it when you get back! ❤️

    Tell all my Romanian family I miss them and Te iubesc for me!

  4. Days where you’re too engaged & forget to blog because you’re exhausted… those are good days. Prayers for perseverance.

    Romanian phrase of the day: La mulți ani, Lief! (A day early. 🎂)

  5. Awesome Lief! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years of our partnership. Wowsa! Tell them ‘happy 10 year anniversary’ from me/Impact/Blackhawk!

    Praying for how the Lord will use our Romanian friends to teach and inspire our students and leaders. Praying for deep and wholistic, mutual transformation for all involved!

    Listen well and serve humbly.

  6. Well it sounds like an awesome day! Lief thanks for doing a blog so late for you after all the rest went to bed! We are praying that tomorrow is just as good and that God continues to bless this team!

    Thanks again to the leaders… we parents are so very grateful for y’all!

    Luke… today Brock and I did the color commentary (in golf tourney hush voiced) for the final game of the Go Fish tournament. We are so weird… but fun! Hunter won and is taking the fishhead to the penthouse!

    Love to all

  7. sounds like a great day! I am thankful that I get to read these inspiring posts. Praying for another great day tomorrow. Miss you kiddo, but so glad you can have this experience even if it means I have to mow the lawn.

  8. Love you and missing you, honey! Happy birthday to the only man I would want to do life with. Your passion for people, pursuit of wholehearted relationship, bent toward justice, and love of life are some of the things I love most about you. Have a very happy 28th birthday babe!!! 😘

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