Meet Matthew!

I’m Matthew Gartland. I’m 17 and going into my Senior of high school at James Madison Memorial. At Memorial I am a part of 2 sports teams: the swim team and ultimate frisbee teams. My favorite pass times are exploring state parks and finding cool places to Hammock.  I have been apart of 3 Blackhawk Highschool Ministry trips before this one: Joplin Missouri, West Virginia, and the Colorado Backpacking trip.  I decided to go on the Romania trip because I Believe it is a good next step I’m my faith Journey after my Experiances with past mission trips.

2 thoughts on “Meet Matthew!

  1. Great to see more student posts
    What’s missing are posts by the hosts.
    OK, what I really mean is posts by trip leaders.
    I hope they post something good for us readers!

    Safe travels to the team as you leave.
    We know you will help many more believe.
    May God be with you as you travel abroad.
    And stay safe ’til you land on Romanian sod.

    Keep on posting!!!

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