Meet Leah!

Hi friends! My name is Leah and I am going to be a junior at Memorial next year. This is my first time going to Romania and I am absolutely elated! I have heard about this trip from both friends and my sister, Hannah, who went last year and is going again this year. I am thrilled that I get to share this trip experience with her right before she leaves for college! Hearing the way God has used the team in the past seems like something that is truly hard to put into words, so I can’t wait to experience it myself.

So far this summer, I have been preparing for the upcoming Cross Country season, playing on my MUFA (Madison Ultimate Frisbee Assosiation) team, playing lots of ukulele, spending time with friends, and of course, watching lots of Friends on Netflix while doing puzzles 🙂 This trip will by far be the most exciting thing to happen in my summer of 2018. In past summers I have gone on both the Alaska missions trip (2015) and Joplin missions trip (2017) with Blackhawk, but this will be my first time getting to leave the country, so that is something I get to check off my bucket list! (Other bucket list items include riding a hot air balloon, getting a joke on Laffy Taffy, learning to tap dance, getting a tattoo, joining an acapella group, and owning a pet pig.)

I can’t wait to tell you all about the trip so keep checking in for updates and hit us up with some fun and uplifting comments 😀 Thanks all!

~Leah :))))

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