Meet Kip!

Hey guys, my name is Kip, and I am going to be a junior at Middleton High School this upcoming school year. This is the first time that I am making the venture to Romania, although I have been to Missouri and Alaska in previous mission trips. I have heard many incredible stories and memories from one of my older sisters who has been on the trip twice in past years. I am thrilled with the opportunity to do God’s work and to partner with Open Roads for this mission trip.

A few things about me: my absolutely favorite sport is golf. I was lucky enough to be apart of Middleton’s Varsity Golf team last spring, and our team went to state last year for the first time in two years. I am also interested in computers and programming. I have made a few apps and games in the past (unfortunately they’re not on the app store), with sights on taking multiple computer programming courses at school in the next couple of years. As I mentioned above, I have been on two mission trips, one to Joplin, Missouri, and another to Sutton, Alaska. In Missouri, we built a deck for an elderly couple, and in Alaska we ran a day camp for kids of Sutton.  

Thank you so much for visiting our blog. Make sure you check back to see our progress while we are in Romania. And above all, I humbly ask you to pray for a safe trip for us and for our team to make meaningful relationships with the people in Romania that will make a lasting impact even after we leave. Thanks!



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  1. Hi Kip! Glad to meet you. 😉

    Praying for you that your trip will bring you and those you meet closer to God.


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