Meet Julian!

Hello, my name is Julian. I will be a junior this next school year at Middleton High school. I was born in St. Paul Minnesota and moved to Wisconsin in the summer before my 6th-grade year. Most of my friends today I met through homegroup through Blackhawk’s Middle school Ministries, and still today I meet more awesome people through their High School ministries with lots of time to meet and talk about God along with fun camps and missions trips. I chose to be apart of the Romania trip this year for many reasons. Mostly because of my trip to Joplin the year before. I really enjoyed that and wanted to be a part of something bigger. Along with that, I heard lots of great things about the trip from friends, and leaders who are a part of the ministry. This will be my first time on the trip. Outside of church, I am very interested in math and science, I enjoy practicing Violin, playing badminton, hanging with the Wolfpacc, and listening to classical music. My family includes me, my brother who will be an eighth-grader next year, me mum and pop and two dogs, Bella, and Charlie. So far this summer, I celebrated my grandfathers 80th birthday in North Carolina on the outer banks, as a family reunion with 22 people. Before I conclude, I would like to say that my friend CTM is a gremlin suckler. Thanks for all the support and prayer you have given me the past couple months so that I could be able to go to Romania!


One thought on “Meet Julian!

  1. I can’t reply to each individual post
    So I’ll reply only to the current-most.
    Have a great trip to Romania
    Be sure not to land in Albania!

    I hope you keep up with frequent posts
    Even as you pass over European coasts.
    Hey, how about that – a post from the plane?
    Maybe as you’re flying right over Spain?

    Or maybe just wait until the airplane lands
    And you’re on the ground with feet and hands.
    Regardless, God bless you and God be with you.
    As you experience lots of things old and new.

    Enjoy the trip and keep on posting!

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