Long time no blupdate

Long time no blupdate! (Blog update) We have been incredibly busy the past couple days, staying up late and getting up early, but we are now on our way back to Craiova!
A few updates from the past couple days…On Wednesday, we conquered a 5 hour hike with the majority of the campers. We hiked along beautiful wooded paths right next to the river. Although we didn’t go to the top of the mountain we were hiking on, the woods opened up right before we turned around to a sound-of-music-like green pasture looking out at the mountains which was a great picture spot. We were all exhausted after the hike, but managed to keep up some of the energy for our evening session. We talked about the story of David and Bathsheba and got deeper in our small group conversations as we talked about the sins we struggle with. Yesterday was very hot and perfect for the “water day” we planned. We began our sports’ team plan with a game involving water balloons. A grid was formed for four teams whose objective was to burst the airborne balloons with their shoes. The balloons were launched from multiple spots around the field. It was no concern to be hit by a balloon, because the sun was beamimg down quite intensely. Andrew, however, decided to turn the competition into a one on one fight. He managed to catch the balloons as they fell and then throw them to opposing teams. When the balloons had all been used, we were introduced to a friendly and safe game of Steal the Bacon. This was followed by everyone getting soaked on an epic dish-soap-filled slip and slide. At night, Daniel wrapped up the week with an explanation of the gospel, leading to small group questions like “if you died tonight, do you think you would go to heaven or hell?” The results were pretty incredible. Great discussions all around. It was awesome to witness the concept of salvation starting to click in the minds of campers, some who had barely heard the gospel before. We finished out the night with a bonfire and American s’mores. After a late night of roasting marshmallows and writing “notes of encouragement” to each other, everyone was quite sleepy this morning. We packed up, finished out with a final time of worship, and set out for our six hour bus ride.
Now writing from the bus, we can speak for the whole team when we say that it is crazy how fast the week has gone by. With how much we have experienced in the past few days, we are looking forward to the next couple days of processing with the Romanian leaders in Craiova. Even though we are still in Romania, it really does feel like we are going home. Even after a few days, we have gotten so comfortable living with our host families in Craiova. We are so thankful for the clear ways that God has been working this week. Please pray that the seeds that have been planted this week in the hearts of campers would continue to grow, and that they would continue to explore their faith as they enter back into their normal lives. Thanks for all your prayers for us at camp! We can’t wait to share more stories when we get back.
With full hearts and dried sweat, Morgan R. and Hannah
And now for some fun facts: 1. Andrew would make a good Amish person 2. Katrina had six cavities 3. Emily is the master cat 4. Actually Mel is the master cat 5. Noah is a cat trainer 6. Bria has schnitzel in her eye 7. Hannah has mastered launching goldfish with a sling shot 8. 4 year old David is attatched to Athena 9. Marilyn and Ed bought fish flavored goldfish 10. We don’t deserve Pat Brady
Shoutouts: Ben P- On the way down the mountain hike, I talked with a camper about long distance relationships. He has a long distance girlfriend and we bonded over our struggles of being so far away from people we love. It turned into a really cool conversation about the importance of trusting God’s plan. It was very encouraging and I’m excited to tell you more about it! Miss you lots 🙂 -Hannah Also from katreetree, you would have enjoyed the hike alot! Although no trees were climbed, but fun was definitely had! I hope you had fun in cali!
Metzger Fam: Missing you guys! I’m so excited to tell you all the stories I have when I get home. Love you all so much!
Jake Genyk: hey there! I miss you! I hope all is well in WI, and that hard days of football are being reimbursed with blue raspberry/atomic lemon and jolly rancher slushies. I am pleased to share that your treats are still fully in tact. We are back from camp now, and I have so many fun pictures, videos and experiences to share with you. I love you! Ask your mom, the twins or my mom to give you a hug for me 🙂
Ashton and Payton : hey troublemakers! Are you holding down the fort? Taking good care of the pets? I keep thinking about getting my wisdom out when I get home because they are crowding my mouth…should be fun? Speaking of, how’s my favorite little sister doing? Still droopy? Chubby/bruised cheeks? Love you guys. See you in a few days! P.S. don’t tell mom, but I may have dropped my phone out a window. Many stories to share!
Carol Smith (Nana) : I miss you and love you! I am excited to see you at the end of the month. Be ready, because I’m having my wisdom teeth removed two days before…can’t wait to tell you all about these two amazing weeks!
The Pincombe Family: Boy have I missed you guys! But I have so many fun stories and great people to tell you about, and I can’t wait to hear how life in WI is! Thanks for being loyal followers of the blog. I love hearing from you. And don’t worry, I’ve gotten my fill of bread while I’ve been here :). Madison, thinking about you lots as you pack up and drive out to Ames in just 2 days. Save some time amidst recruitment and moving in for some Facetime. Love you lots!
Grandma and Grandpa Pincombe: Craving your waffles and can’t wait to spend time with you in just a few days! Thanks for following the blot :).
The Virginia Pincombe Family: Praying for the fellow mission trippers! See you in VA!

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  1. Hey Go team! Welcome back to Criova. We can’t believe you are back from camp already! We’re so excited to hear the God stories. It’s such a happy/sad thing to come home from camp. (I’m getting all teary reading the blog-can you believe it Bria?😊)
    We’ll continue to pray as you finish up your time in Criova and prepare to return to the States. Love you all!!!

  2. Great way to start the weekend – hearing from a great team of “mission trippers”. Thanks for the continued wonderful updates. So glad that camp went so well. Praying for a meaningful debrief time back in the big city. Have a blessed day! Morgan – you’d be proud of me…we are 50% of the way thru building a bookshelf/headboard for Madison’s apartment. Yep, she found it on Pinterest. And we’ve been to Menards three times now! Today’s the day we finish. I’m praying for you…you should be praying for me (or her!). 🙂

  3. Woot! Woot! I am smiling wide to wake up and find out that there is a post from Romania!!! So fun to hear about your week at camp and to hear about the lives you have touched. I can’t wait to hear lots more when you return. Continuing to pray hard for each of you!

    Morgan P–We miss you TONS! We are having pancakes this morning and it just doesn’t feel right without you here to eat them with us. Tyler had a friend spend the night and they played outside late into the night. Not much sleep for that sleepover. Madison finished up her nannying for the summer with one last night with the girls. They made her very cute cards as thank yous. Dad and I went to see a movie, Dunkirk, on Thursday night—fun to do something like that with baseball season having ended. You have gotten some fun things while you’ve been gone. Elise dropped off the All-City “gift” and it was incredible. Sophie wrote you a postcard from D.C., William and Mary wrote you a letter for the Sharpe program (we are dying to read it!), and your Shutterfly book arrived. Is that enough incentive to make you want to come back?

    I hope that your time of debrief allows for some time to reflect on God’s work this week and to ready your hearts as you return. Can’t wait to hug you in person!
    Love– Mom

  4. Morgan P, can’t wait to hear all about your experiences. You are amazing and hard to believe you will be at the College of William and Mary in just a few weeks. Love Grandma and Grandpa P

  5. Wow, I can’t wait to hear more about the conversations that followed those messages. I’m praying for you guys as you start to process what coming home will be like and wrestling with more tough questions. You guys are rock stars, and while you’ve made sure to clue us in to all the fun that you’re having, I know it hasn’t all been easy. Keep up the energy and make the most of your last few days. Give Noah, like, at least eleven high fives for me. Keep on keeping on!

    Noah – blog again dude! Or at least sauce me another shout out, everybody keeps asking how Romania is treating you and all I can say is “they haven’t posted saying he’s dead, so I’m assuming he’s at least alive” BECAUSE YOU HAVENT WRITTEN SINCE DAY 1 YOU POOP. I’m praying for you leg hairs’ safety and for your cat training (does this mean the fights with master cat are still on?). Please give Mirela and Oița an extra squeeze for me and accept the high fives people are hopefully giving you.

    They say dog is man’s best friend, but you’re my best friend and you’re way better than a dog. Unless there is a breed of pancake-making dogs out there that I have missed. You know, pet the dog, get a pancake. Yeah, that transaction might beat you.

    Love you and miss you and Maia was looking for you yesterday and she had brownies for you but when I told her you weren’t there she just kept them and THEY DIDNT EVEN GIVE ME THE EXTRAS DONT THEY KNOW I LOVE BROWNIES

    Ok sorry Ali out


  6. Noah, I trust you have trained Igor to the best of your abilities. I have faith that someday he will defeat Mel and become the true Master Cat he is meant to be. It is his destiny (sorry Mel).

  7. Riffing on Ali’s mention that you’ve likely seen some hard things, I’ll offer this uplifting thought:

    And since we know that dreams are dead,
    And life turns plans up on their head,
    I will plan to be a bum,
    So I just might become someone.

    Don’t read too much into that, btw. 😉

    Looking forward to hearing about the hard stuff.

  8. Hey y’all it’s cabbabe winky face emoji. I’ve really enjoyed being in Romania with you guys. You’re an awesome group and i can’t say thank you enough for helping me (especially the leaders talking me out of taking the cast off). I’m so thankful I got to come. Peace out – Cabbage rolls.

    P.S. Mel act these out 🤡😱🤢😴😡🤓🤣

  9. Bria! oh my gunnis, I can’t believe camp is done already! I feel like you just left. I look forward to hearing all you stories. It sounds like God is really working! Have a great time at debrief.

    Funny story: I was mistaken for you yesterday. This very nice lady came up to me and our conversation was like:
    Nice lady: “hi Bria do you remember me?”
    Me: “…um,”
    and you can guess how it went from there. It was hilarious. And now I have a new friend.

    Much Love,
    (yes I’m Voldemort)

    P.S. I’m looking forward to knowing how you got schnitzel in your eye.
    P.P.S. I think your cat likes me better now.
    P.P.P.S. Just bring me some chapstick. my lips hurt real bad
    P.P.P.P.S. But actually bring me some joe. I’m serious about this one.

  10. Q: Why did Barty Crouch Jr. quit drinking?
    A: Because it was making him Moody.

    Q: Where do you find Dumbledore’s army?
    A: Up his sleevie

  11. Hannah – so wonderful to have another post from you this morning! 😁❤️ We can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get back. We miss you so much, we’re even willing to let it go that your messages to Ben are four times as long as your messages to us. 😬
    Haha! Jk…glad to hear you had an encouraging conversation on the mountain. (We love you, Ben!)

    Way to go, putting in the hard work this past week (although it sounds like plenty of fun was had as well). Now enjoy the last few days debriefing your experience and being world-travelers! Take lots of pics in Budapest! Love you so SO much!! ❤️xo❤️xo❤️

  12. Hannah- We all miss you too! The Metzger family adventures haven’t been the same without you. I can’t wait to hear your stories and share all of mine too. I mean yours might be more interesting but the tale of the melting ice cream sandwiches is a pretty intriguing one 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll be listening to George Ezra and thinking of you when you are in Budapest. Be safe, have fun, eat your vegetables, etc. Love you!

  13. Camp just got over and I am so tired and so sore. It was fun though. Unfortunately I have not had Sonic in 5 days because I was pent up in the gym. I hope to get a nice big route 44 today. I’m glad to hear that my treats are still in tact and can’t wait to recieve them. I can’t wait to see all the pictures and videos. I miss you so much have a safe trip home. Love you so Much,
    Jake ❤

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