David & Goliath

Buna from Morgan P and Abby (who – despite not turning in a bio – is still a part of the team :)). Checking in to let you know that we didn’t leave anyone at the gas station on the way to camp. Since Grace and Bria clued you in last, we spent seven hours on the party bus/”mini bus” caravan playing games and building friendships. About halfway through the ride, we stopped for lunch at an average gas station with an above-average view. We attacked the mountain of 180 handmade sandwiches made by the hired chefs (aka our multi-talented team members) before hitting the road again. To pass the last few hours, we took part in the Great American-Romanian Slang Exchange. Campers, Simona and Ana, taught us some examples of unusual Romanian idioms. So, if we heard it right, GO TO SPINACH! To hold up our end of the deal, Grace pulled out her list of “bro-lingo” and got some Romanians saying things like “gnarly” and “righteous” among other things.
After getting settled at camp, we played a very lively game of “Viking” to break the ice. One of the many highlights was hearing Pat shriek “AHHHHHHH VIKING” repeatedly. After dinner, we all learned the camp song – Domnul, Steagul Meu (The Lord, my Flag), and sang some upbeat Romanian worships songs led by a few of our team members. We also got entertained with an amazing performance by our program team, with Andrew playing Jonathan (David’s friend) as the star character of the night! The theme of the night’s talk was all about friendship, which eventually led into our small group time.
Tuesday morning, we woke up to misty mountains and started the day with a leader meeting as the sun rose over camp. Today was Day 1 of English class… which was more like Romanian class for the two of us because we have a group of campers who are nearly fluent in English already. We made mod podge journals that described ourselves as we bonded over our horrible pronunciation.
This afternoon, it was time for a much anticipated game: “Wanted.” While we were playing games, the Romanian leaders subtly hung up posters with pictures of some of us campers. Our mission was to capture those who were on the posters. Our small group set out to find Ed which meant wrestling him (8 campers, 1 Ed) towards “jail” until he made an unexpected escape. After much frustration and determimation, we finally dragged him in. Our group also successfully led an ambush to retrieve Dan!
Tonight, before Razvan’s message on David and Goliath, we presented our groups with our decorated flags and choreographed routines. We closed out the night with more small group time. Everyone is pretty tired after a busy, fun few days at camp already. So that leaves the two of us, writing to you by the light of a Kindle Fire. Pray we get some sleep (as it is almost 1am), and keep our team and all the campers in your prayers as we continue to enjoy these next few days of camp. Keep the comments coming – they make for great laughs and well-timed encouragement!
This blupdate (aka blog update) has been brought to you by brief moments of free time scattered throughout the day and two sleepy campers.
From, a very giggly and over-tired Abby and Morgan. Noapte buna!
Shoutout to the Olszewski clan from Athena : I will try to learn from Chris’ mistakes and will not eat the treats I got for the family while I am still in Romania. Save some ice cream for me!
Shoutout to Tina Bazala: The fountain wasn’t working but I I am getting plenty of pictures! Miss u! -Mattea
Shoutout to Kitt: Still loving the memes. Also i brought my set of photos. They’re on the wall by my bed. Love u and miss you! -Mattea. Ps write me bacK. πŸ˜€
Shoutout to Momma Reed: I miss you so much! It makes me smile to head about Cappy and Finn. Smart pig knows to stay in his yard where he has his many mud/dirt holes. Also, I have been informed that our neighborhood is notorious for coyotes…keep that piggy safe! Give everyone, including the animals, a hug for me. -Morgan
Shoutout to Joshua Chen: I’m glad my drawing was accurate enough πŸ™‚ I miss you and the parental units a lot. I hope you have fun in Colorado and don’t get eaten by a bear. Will you check if Homecoming is still in theaters when I get back? (This is from Andrew: Rw’ U2 Lw F2 Lw’ F2 Rw2 U2 Rw U2 Rw’ U2 F2 Rw2 F2. And thanks.)
To Kirstin: Are you ready to get weird?
Shoutout to the Pincombe Family: thanks for keeping up with the blog and for being loyal commentors. Fun to hear from you halfway across the world. Still on the search tot gelato, but rest assured I’ve tried several Romanian treats. Love you guys lots and am truly excited for a group hug :). Noapte buna!

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  1. Go Team! Sounds like a great start to camp. Praying for all of you – good word, good bonding, good weather, good food, good health, and good sleep! Praising God and thanking him for all of you for your servant hearts.
    Everyone please give a hug to my baby daughter Melissa❀️ who I miss very much but who I know needs to be there! Love to you Mar and Ed❀️ And hugs to the Romanians who have a piece of my heart!
    I can’t believe it’s August already or are Julying to me?

  2. Yay!!! So excited to hear from Morgan P. and to see her alive in a picture. πŸ™‚ Thanks for staying up late to post—now get some sleep! Sounds like some fun times with the campers. I’m eager to find out what “Go to Spinach” means and was glad to hear that the ambush to retrieve Dan was successful. πŸ™‚ Praying that God uses you in amazing ways and moves you in amazing ways.

    Madison has her last full day of nannying today and then is babysitting for the twins tonight. Tyler is questioning if all of her stuff will fit in the car to head to college. πŸ™‚

    Few random updates: You have a letter waiting for you from Cadet Maggie Go. Fun to see that return address. Courtney and Jared found out that they are having a baby girl due on Dec. 19th. Aunt Julie can’t wait to have you in Virginia and already agreed to help with rides for your Thanksgiving flight. Tyler was invited to a cabin the weekend of August 11-13 with all of the neighborhood boys–that is one brave mom! With August here now, I ran around yesterday getting some supplies for my classroom. We took in a Mallards game last night and the weather was beautiful! Missed having you with us. Summer is going way to fast!

    We will continue to pray for good weather for your team, great messages to be shared, and strong bonds to be made. Miss you tons! Make sure the team keeps hugging YOU!

  3. Great writing guys! It took me back to the mountains and nights of little sleep. It is so cool to hear about all of the bonding you guys are doing and how much you are learning as you go! I’m praying that you all can keep building relationships with the campers and keep up the energy (I know they have TONS of it). I’m sure at times it can get tough, but know there are A LOT of people here cheering you on and praying hard for you guys. Keep up the great work!

    Program team – I’m cheering specifically for you guys, I expect stories of great acting, enthusiasm, and making fools of yourselves.

    Lil’ P – I hope people are running up and hugging you randomly, you’re probably missing my high fives and weird faces right about now. Work update: 4 AFR incidents in 5 days, and of course one was the kid I was playing “Chop, Chop, Timber” with. I love and miss you loads!

    In a world of ladybugs, you are a tiger. Yeah, you’re that much better than everybody else.

    ✌️ Ali P.

  4. Well it’s hard to compete with all the commenters, but I will nonetheless comment.

    Here’s the thing:
    I ponder of something great
    My lungs will fill and then deflate
    They fill with fire, exhale desire
    I know it’s dire my blog comment today

    Now I just sit in silence.

    Great to follow all the activities. Thanks for pouring your lives into these peeps!

  5. Eden and friends,
    It looks like you guys are having a great trip so far! It’s exciting that you are connecting with the campers. Romanian sounds like a fun language to learn too. I hope everything continues to go smoothly. Eat lots of joe (but save some for me)!

  6. Hi Morgan R.
    Love reading the blog to see what great fun things you are all doing. I imagine the scenery is beautiful.
    I saw this joke. It’s from church bulletin bloopers
    Sunday sermon. “Jesus Walks on Water”
    Evening sermon. “Searching for Jesus”
    Love to all and prayers coming your way

  7. Thank you for your great updates. Sounds like you are doing a great job spreading God’s love while having A LOT of fun. God’s blessing on the rest of camp.
    Sending our love to Athena. If you eat my gift there is good news and bad. Good-I will forgive you. Bad-you will hear about it for years (just ask Chris). I have saved raspberry ice cream for you. A small miracle that testifies to how much I love and miss you.

  8. It’s great to read your blog! Thanks for all the details. I feel like I’m part of it :).

    Adia: Miss you tons and can’t wait to hear all about it.

  9. UGH! It’s so hard to read stories from camp and not be there to share the experiences alongside you all. But I guess I’ll just settle for the awesome blog posts.

    May God give you energy to continue pouring life into each other and into the campers. May he fill you with love and grace so that you can endure the challenges and find peace in all situations. I pray that each of you would experience the Holy Spirit moving you into discomfort, removing your fear and replacing it with confidence built on the hope you have in Christ. Love each other relentlessly, trust Jesus ruthlessly, and learn as much as you can.

    I can’t wait to hear all the stories in person when you come back. Peace and love brothers and sisters.

  10. Hi everyone..
    oh wow this is so weird not being able to join you guys.. it was fun to go trough all the stages of doing camps with you .. from camper to helper to visitor and now to just a blog follower :))

    I pray that God will give you strength both physical and emotional as you go trough this time and I know for sure that you will learn and grow so much!

    To everyone who met me : *facewipe* and for those who don t know me: you might think you re safe :)) ( please someone just face wipe them all :)) )

    have a great time guys!

  11. I won’t embarrass Abby with any feeble attempts at “dad” humor….but just wanted to say how proud we are of the entire Blackhawk contingent. There are so many prayers being said on your behalf by everyone here. My own daily prayer is that God would continue to grant the whole group AMAZING energy, and hearts full of spiritual fire for the campers and for each other. Matt Metzger gave a “camp” story in his sermon Sunday, which reminded us about how God works in unexpected ways, even at camps! Anyway…a shout out to Andrew & Abby, just to say that Olson’s corn is IN, and it’s DELICIOUS! Yes, yes….”nature’s candy”! [Bet you two never heard that before, ha!] David, the gals, and I miss you both so very much! -Dad K.

  12. Hey sis (Mattea) wassup? Hope you’re having fun. While you have been away I have turned your room into my personal man cave!! Your stuff is in the garage which will make it easier to leave for college. Miss ya, Gavin

  13. Hi Morgan P! Aunt Mary here. So fun to share in your adventures! Praying for your entire team and for the people you are serving. Uncle Matt, Olivia and Paul are on their mission trip in West Virginia (they are a little closer to home than you!) Amazing to know God is working through all of you to reach the world with His love!
    “Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the people.” Psalms 105:1

  14. Hey Hannah, we really miss you! …so we are having Malcom and Addie over for dinner tomorrow night. We will all talk about you a lot and have a moment of silence to honor you missing the meal. Love you!! Can’t wait to see you soon. And hi to everyone else on Team Ro!!

  15. Mattea I did not know you would have the pictures already it just means I knew you would want them πŸ™‚ glad it’s going well. For when you get back the hearthstone expansion is comming out right around then and the deathrattle priest is highly rated. Also good luck with all your stuff in the garage.

  16. Guys… I can’t describe how much I wish I were with you and our Romanian friends at camp right now. At this point, you are likely finishing up some delicious camp breakfast. I hope they are serving you something of a cold hot dog (seriously you’ll grow to love it if you try it!) and headed into English class soon. I trust you’re having so much fun and building strong bonds with the campers and the leaders. Watch for what God is teaching you about you and Himself. Camp will come to an end soon, and after a short jaunt in Craiova, you’ll be on a train to Budapest, landing at O’hare and finding yourself at home missing the team and your friends on the other side of the globe (what a downer post LIEF!)… but I guess what I’m trying to say is God is up to something with you, with the team, with those in your small group… Be present for it, be bold & corageous, listen, learn, write down what you’re experiencing and talk about it with each other and the Romanians. Let their story be part of yours and yours, part of theirs. It is a short trip. But there is no doubt in my mind that God intends your visit to be significant, and in more ways than one. He’s invited you into something bigger! What a priviledge!

    I’m proud of you guys.

    On a serious note, has everyone been pooping alright? I sure hope so. Is Emily Bostrom following through on her promise to belly drum? If not, make her do it in front of the entire camp.

    I hear Florin/Buza’s voice and I can feel the strong embrace of Eugene. I’m seeing Oita’s infectious smile as she laughs. I miss those guys and all the rest. Give them my love. -Lief

  17. Hey Hannah/Fireball
    Still missing you loads as usual.
    We’re finally back im Colorado and, as usual, Jake has already started baking again… this time it’s Brioche rolls…
    I hope you’re enjoying Camp out in the Romanian mountains with all the campers. They should know by now how fierce of a Mafia player is in their midst… if not then make it known.
    Im currently still working on the travel plans. As I’m writing this I had just recently found out that I will most likely be having a gig on the 25th… the day before my SAT subject tests, but not to fear. It always works out.
    I love you lots and miss you a ton.
    Be safe.

  18. Katritiri:
    I find your lack of posts… disturbing…
    Seriously? Where’s the sassiness? Where are the long paragraphs?
    I expect you to have won the majority of the games. If not then step it upppppp.
    I miss you a bunch and am excited to be able to talk to you soon.
    I know you’re probably super busy and having the time of your life, So keep on enjoying it and remember that I expect many stories.
    Ttyl Adventure Buddy

  19. Morgan P and the Entire Romania Team ~ awesome to continue to hear from you and about you and about what God’s doing thru you all. Always doing the “mental math” and thinking about what you might be up to at this very moment half-way around the world and 8 hours ahead of us – likely wrapping up another fantastic camp day having poured yourselves into your activities and the campers. Anxious to hear all about it. You’re in our thoughts (as evidenced by the replies flying in from everywhere/everyone) and prayers. Hugs from here!

  20. Hi Morgan. Payton and Mom here. We miss you and hope that you are all having a wonderful and meaningful time. Your time will quickly slip away these next few days, so cherish every moment.

    So, yesterday, mom decided to give Finn a bath (on her own). After literally “wrestling a pig” into the shower, he is now squeaky, pinky clean! πŸ™‚ They knocked down all of the shower hangers and flooded the shower floor out of the shower, but the ultimate goal was accomplished!

    We also decided to buy Stella a new bicycle for her birthday and Uncle Cord helped pay for it. So, we bought it at Target and took it to her last night before we headed to Ashton’s Concert on the Square. We are all standing outside Angie’s house, we give it to her, she is smiling and so happy, and then jumps on it to take it for a ride. Well, we forgot to tell her that the brakes are no longer on the pedals (but with your hands). So she goes flying around the cul-da-sac, survives without falling and when she pulls up in front of all of us to stop, she jumps down and racks her poor little private parts with the bar that was clearly too high. So, she ends up in tears and we all just stand there in shock. “Good feeling gone.” πŸ™‚ But, she survived and we headed out to Ashton’s Concert.

    Ashton’s Concert on the Square was amazing. We brought Alli along with us, Angie and Stella joined us too. Alli and I (Payton now) immediately found our way towards the food stands and Stella just had to join us. We come back to our blanket where the adults were with popcorn for everyone and Stella is not having it. While me and Alli then go into the Capital to use the restroom, Stella lets it all out and tells the adults that we did not keep up with her or buy her a snow cone. And I think one of the reasons why she could not keep up was because she was playing with her fidget spinner (yeah, I know) while walking. So after she’s done crying we have to wait in a very long line to buy her a snow cone. Besides that and our illegal parking, the concert was great and the Middleton High school choir group did phenomenal. Ashton had to wear a long skirt with a top that made her look Amish (and Mom added “and beautiful!!!”).

    We miss you, Captain and Finn miss you, and we are anxious to hear all about Romania! Be safe.
    Your Family

    P.S. Ashton has to skip the Culver’s orientation today because she forgot her Shawn concert was today. Wish me luck I’m all alone. -Pay pay

  21. Morgan R. – you don’t know how proud you make me! Sharing your time to serve and bring others closer to God is an amazing gift and opportunity! I didn’t get to see Ashton’s concert in person, but got to see photos and video. Tell the rest of the team I’m proud of them too…but you are my daughter, so I’m especially proud of what a beautiful, compassionate young woman you have become!!! I love you ❀️.
    PS I was sad to hear that Lief was unable to go this year. I’m sure you are all missing his crazy leg dance! 😜

  22. Have been lurking along for all the posts! Know you are all having an amazing time listening to how God is leading and speaking into you. Praying for continued good times! Praying that you’re ears are open to hear Him!

    Is EBossy really on this trip? No pictures of her… Will someone get a picture of EBossy and Mel…. would love photographic evidence of the belly drum that Lief referenced…


  23. Hi, Team Romania!
    Praising God for blessing your trip so far: thankful for your safety and the amazing things you’re doing to spread the Good News! Praying for continued endurance to finish the camp strong, finding strength in our good and gracious God.

    Updates for Katrina: the house is so quiet (foreshadowing of thing to come!?!). Christian is gone every night this week to help with Madison Missions. Thankfully, Tim is coming home on Saturday. Then it will be loud: nightly band practices in our basement. Bird talk (I’m sure you’ve missed it!): the eggs have hatched! We have three baby cardinals in the tree by the kitchen window. You’ll be back in time to see the little cardinal fledglings. Love and miss you, my daughter!

  24. Adia – October 6th, it is GG themed Trivia. You and I will take it all!!

    Kisses! I hope you’re staying cool!

  25. Hey to Hannah! We miss you! Nice action shot the other day…love it. Tonight we had Malcolm and Addie over for dinner. Also John John and Isaiah came, and then so did Zak and Annie, who got engaged last night! It was the most random dinner party ever. πŸ˜† SO much fun though. Malc, Addie and Leah taught Dad and I Space Team. That game is intense! I liked it a lot though. We’ll have to play when you get home. Anyhoo…hope you’re having an awesome time. So fun reading the blog! Love you a lot! ❀️ Oh, and I hope you didn’t want to take the ACT in September because the deadline to sign up is tomorrow. 😬 Byeeeeeee!!

  26. I will pray that you all are getting quality sleep time. It’s so cool to see how God lives through your team! Make the most of this unique time, I’m sure it goes by quickly!

  27. HEY @Noah P! I’m really gonna miss seeing you in Madison this weekend! BUT you are doing great things in Romania and I am so glad to hear you and the team are 1) safe, 2) growing a lot and 3) having a lot of fun while doing so!
    Guess I’ll just have to come back and visit you (with or without Ali) or you’ll have to come to good ole Minnesota. That’s not a bad deal. Sending prayers for continued safety and encouragement to everyone there πŸ™‚

  28. Hannah, Dad just taught me to mow the lawn so it’ll be your turn when you get back. Also family dinner was very fun. But we all miss you ❀️

  29. Hey guys,

    Holy cow. I just finished reading through all the blog posts and it’s been a wild ride. Seeing all the pictures and hearing all the stories is bringing back so many memories of this trip with you lot. How was the weather for wanted this year? It seems everyone is doing well and is staying healthy, but to echo Lief’s concerns, hope you’re all still pooping well.

    I don’t know who all is there when you’re reading these, but here are some personal notes:

    Everyone who went last year: I miss you guys. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without you, and I’m sure you’re contributing just as much this year. You all helped me learn so much, and were great about showing God’s love to the campers and others the entire time. Remember to stay open to hearing what He has to say during your time there and that you don’t always have to be the ones who have everything “figured out”. If you ever end up out in the LA area let me know, because I’d love to see you all!

    Everyone who’s new this year: As someone who was in your position once, this trip can be immensely challenging. There are new things being constantly thrown at you, and sometimes it feels like everyone else just gets it and knows what’s going on. It can be scary sometimes, but remember that your team is there for you, and that God can work through you just as much as He can work through them. I have no doubt you’ll all be great at camp πŸ™‚

    Noah and Dan: I miss seeing you guys around and all the serious and goofy moments (has everyone’s leg hair grown back?). Did the dogs still chase you around when you went running? I hope you guys are doing well, and digging deep into everything that’s going on during the trip. And Dan, can we get video of the shaorma dance please?

    Hannah and Tree: I heard SO much about your trips to Colorado. Seriously, Ben wouldn’t shut up about it. I hope the warmup hikes prepared you for the Romanian mountains 😜

    Adult leaders: Keep being awesome! Larry, Pat and Mel, you guys help make the trip the great experience it is by leading from example. It’s been great here at school, but I’ve definitely missed seeing you all for servant team meetings and everything else. Larry, the headphone visor you had in the pics from the plane was particularly stylish. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Cabbage: I have no idea if they’ll read this comment to you, but here’s hoping! You already know I miss you, but I know the team needs your tech support skills so I’m glad you’re over there 😜 I honestly can’t believe you were unlucky enough to hurt your leg again, but hopefully it’s on the mend. You’re still my favorite roommate! (But I have spent this last year living in a single, so…)

    Open Roads team and everyone else: You guys are all amazing, and I still can’t believe how much of God’s love you’re all able to show. Also, Iazman, diggin’ the beard dude!

  30. Dan, you let them capture you? Unbelievable. We miss you and can’t wait to see you soon! P.S. Hallie says, “banana”. It’s very funny. Trust us.

  31. To the Romania go team,

    It would bring me great joy if as a team, you all interrupted whatever very important meeting you are having right now as you read these, to stop and give BRIA PETERSON a big collective group hug. She would just LOVE that πŸ˜‰

    From: Bria’s #1 Fan

    P.S. Bria, 7 HOURS on a BUS, in ROMANIA. good job, you made it.

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