Shaorma Dance

Our favorite leader on this trip is Emily Bostrom. (Or at least she said that would be a good opening sentence for this post). Anyway, Hannah and Katreetree here. Actually its just Hannah because Katrina is too busy hitting people with pool noodles. Today was a very busy happy day, as my grandma would put it. This morning after breakfast and team time, we adventured out of the neighborhood in Romanian taxis to a market where Romanian stickers, patterned pants, and Pat’s lunchbox size suitcase were bought. Following lunch and Mel almost reaching her breaking point trying to solve the “good soup” riddle, we finished up planning for camp. Some teams were more productive than others. (*cough* sports team *cough*). We then headed over to the fields at Ethos for a Romanian version of vacation Bible school with kids from the near by Roma village. We got to hear the story of David and Goliath, several songs with motions, and the rules for blob tag all in Romanian. The 90+ people, mostly under the age of 10, all playing on one small soccer field was slightly insane, but lots of fun and filled with energy. The kids took turns using a sling shot to try to hit a big picture of Goliath, which then turned into a game of using the sling shots to shoot chocolate onto peoples’ mouths. Katrina and Andrew successfully completed this challenge after many tries. For dinner, we went to the city center for trip-famous Shaorma. Katrina and Noah started “break dancing” in the street (doing the Robot and many other middle school moves) and Dan did a happy Saorma dance.We then walked around the beautiful buildings of downtown Craiova, got soft-serve ice cream, and hung out by the famous fountain. We all came back very ready for some sleep! Everyone is in bed now…except for us!
Shoutout: Cliff Anderson- for the clearly googled but still appreciated bad joke. Also I have not died from my throat ailments yet Leah Metzger- my ID is 104378! And I miss you so much!!! Don’t move onto my room. 🙂 Malcolm/Addie- Don’t steal my family while I’m gone. Schmoopsypoo???- you’re seriously so embarrassing. But I hope you’re having an amazing time in LA! I wish you could see all the pretty old buildings downtown Craiova. They are SO cool. You would love it so much. Anyway, I miss you and love you lots and can’t wait to show you pictures! Also Katrina wants you to know that all her tie dyes made it safely. 🙂 Madison P.- thank you for all the great comments and encouragement!

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  1. Nice post, Hannah…very detailed (I’m not surprised)! Miss you, but am so glad to hear about your “busy happy day” (Grandma would be so proud!). Love you so much!!❤️

  2. Dude (as in Hannah) bad news. They already took the schedules off of IC. I’ll try to check the next few days but my guess is that you’ll have to wait until registration. Oops. And because I’m the world’s best sister I’m trying to sell some extra Spartan Cards for you, but don’t get your hopes up too high because literally why would anyone want to buy a Spartan Card… sooo on that note would anyone on the Romania team be interested in supporting the Memorial High School Athletic program 😀 Memorial>>>Middleton 🤷🏻‍♀️ I miss you so much!!!

  3. Okay well… I’ll put Katrina’s tie dye, Pat’s tiny suitcase, and all of the shaorma in a pot. That, my friends, will make some excellent soup!!

    Miss you all- wish we were there with you!

  4. HI Noah, Oma here. Sounds like a great, fun filled weekend. Sure the younger kids had a great time with all of you. Sling shots and chocolates for WOW 2018! Trying to keep your parents and Alissa in line. Miss you–sooo quiet:) Expecting a break dancing demo when you return. Keep us posted. You’re all in my prayers for a safe, rewarding and inspirational trip. Love, Oma

  5. Oh my goodness you all rock! Dan I can’t wait to see that shoarma dance. I know kids take a lot of energy but yinz got it!! Sending lots and lots of love and prayers from the mountains – so wonderful reading these posts when I can!! Holy Moly cant wait to read more! Everyone give Dan and Lil’ P a giant group hug and optional dog pile for me. Keep doing great things! <3 (it's a heart)

  6. Oh my goodness you all rock! Dan I can’t wait to see that shoarma dance. I know kids take a lot of energy but yinz got it!! Sending lots and lots of love and prayers from the mountains – so wonderful reading these posts when I can!! Holy Moly cant wait to read more! Everyone give Dan and Lil’ P a giant group hug and optional dog pile for me. Keep doing great things! <3 (it's a heart) also, don't forget to wink at Beni and squeeze his biceps

      • Sorry autocorrect is the worst. How does it not know how to spell shoarma?? … ok fine I’m not even sure I spelled it correctly…

        Love to you all! Especially Dan ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I’m a couple days late to the bad joke party, but I’ve got a really good one for you!!!

    Noah dancing.

    🙂 …miss you bro!

  8. Thanks for the terrific update, Hannah and Katrina. Sounds like all continues to go well. Sounds like all continues to include lots of laughs, lots of “memory making” and lots of interaction/relationship-building with the folks (90+ kids playing blob tag?!) in Romania. All answers to prayer. Thinking of you all as you finish up preparations for camp. (Apologies for a little swim news…Morgan P…Gators took second at All-City…no need to tell you who won.)

  9. Hannah, I’m glad you clarified that Emily is your favorite leader on the trip…we all know I’m still your favorite HSM Leader…😉🤣🤗
    Emily! Neighbor! There’s no one I trust more to make sure my ladies are loved and taken care of while in Romania! Hannah, Adia and Eden sending you ladies hugs!
    Praying for you all!!!

  10. So exciting that you guys get to experience so much! I hope you all continue to rest and prep well so you leave for camp feeling beyond ready! I’m praying for all of you and Mel’s patience/perseverance (I know riddles can be tough). Anyways, I’m not great with jokes so this is for you Noah:

    If ninjas captured you, I would spend all of my free time training to be a stellar ninja. It might take some time, because I am very far from being that, but I want you to know that I would eventually save you.


    If someone invented a time machine that only REALLY cool people could use, I bet you’d be one of them.

    Luv yuh!

  11. I can only imagine the dancing in the street!! Mattea…. you better be taking pictures for me to see!! Especially the famous fountain!!!! We miss you!

  12. Classic E BOSSY. Gotta love her. At a way to get goin’ on the riddles! Mel, glad it was you trying so hard on that cause I’d imagine I’d have fallen off the struggle bus long before you… SUCH a neat kids ministry experience with the vbs. Many prayers for the conversations those kids will have when they go home and talk with family and friends, sharing Jesus even farther! And hey. Glad to hear y’all came up with such a versitile slingshot design that works with the important chocolate eating game too! What I would do for some Romanian Shaorma right now…!! Ugh. Pls just sneak some back? Thanks for sacrificing much wanted sleep to keep us thoroughly updated ladies!! Much appreciated. 🙂

  13. Hi Adia! Great to see your face in the photo here! 🙂 We miss you and are so glad to hear things are going well. Big love and hugs to you!

  14. Well my scanning for a funny (and appropriate) comment ran dry.
    So, I had to resort to the Germans. (So funny!)

    Say this with a German accent (think “Dieter”):
    We’re charging our battery
    And now we’re full of energy
    We are the robots
    We’re functioning automatik
    And we are dancing mechanik
    We are the robots

    Nice work Noah. Way to keep it real. Miss you here.

    Glad the team is having fun.
    Herr Pollard

    PS Those are lyrics from the German band Kraftwerk and their 1977 song “We are the robots.” An excellent use of 3:40 minutes of your life (and Romanian wifi).

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