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Buna! It’s Mattea here bringing you the Rom0717 update! Today was quite eventful. We started out the day with a wonderful breakfast, and then grouped up to read the blog comments. They were awesome everybody, so keep them coming! Maybe some can send us some really terrible jokes! The highlight of the day was meeting up with the campers and playing games such as name games and relay races. This ended our action packed day where we also met up for breakfast, had team time and lunch, and did some preparing for camp. These preparations may or may not include many failed attempts to make a slingshot. Many failed attempts. There were so many old and new faces. After we met up with the campers we came back for dinner and played a big game of psychiatrist. Lots of fun going on here on Romania.
“Matt Metzger, Hannah’s favorite name.”
Lisa Genyk: We had cucumber salad tonight with our dinner (it’s 9:45 right now) and it made me miss, terribly, your homemade pickles. I hope all is well in Wisco! Love, Morgan R
Shout out to Ray: how do you make good soup? -Ed
Tyler – Wait a week and you can have Madison’s room. Love you lots! – Morgan P
Madison – Thinking of you each time they bring out the coffee πŸ™‚ Love you, Morgan P

12 thoughts on “Live From The Field

  1. Hi Katrina. We hope you’re feeling better. Love Mom and Dad

    What kind of picture does a turtle take?

    A shellfie.

  2. Shoutout to Morgan R… what is a cucumber salad? Sounds too healthy for the Reed family! πŸ˜‰ Finn broke into your room and Ashton’s room today and ate everything possible. Captain is missing you terribly. We are too. I was offered the job today and accepted 😁. Have fun and be safe; we love you and miss you!

    A man tells his therapist “some days, Doc, I feel like I’m a teepee, and other days I feel like I’m a wigwam”. The therapist replied “I know what’s wrong. You are two tents.”

    Love – dad, mom, twins and pets!

  3. Hannah- I got my schedule and if you somehow tell me ur ID number then I can get ur schedule for you before it’s taken off of IC. Oh and I have Ray Rosing for history!

  4. Hi everyone! We hope you are having fun and building lasting relationships.

    And, hi Dan.

  5. CAMPERS!! You met up with the campers already! I’m just a tidily bit excited for you guys, can ya tell? I wish y’all best of luck as you get your basic Romanian on – make sure to ask Eugen how he’s doing “CE FACI…” @Noah, make sure you reply with a big ole “BINEEEE” or ya know. However you’re feelin’ in the moment, dude. Glad to hear psychiatrist has continued being a classic. Don’t make it too obvious people.

    Many prayers for fresh ideas for camp, and slingshot designs apparently…? YOU CAN DO IT TEAM!!

    Terrible joke:

    What do you call a cow with a twitch?

    Beef Jerky

    Source of terrible joke:
    Laffy Taffy, yo.

  6. We are thinking of your team lots today as you make plans for camp and organize games and sports in the Youth Park. Praying for lots of strong relationship building and moments to share God’s love!

    Morgan P. —All City is fully underway. Elise and Margaret both made it into the finals in one event each. We were able to get your plaque number from Mr. Golden. Madison has begun her college packing and plans to leave next Sunday! We watched the sunset at the Union Terrace last night with the Boyds and Danielsons—missed YOU!
    Q. What gets wetter as it dries?
    A. A towel.
    Q. What goes up and doesn’t come back down?
    A. Your age.
    Q. What needs an answer but doesn’t ask a question?
    A. A telephone

    Someone (or all of you!) hug Morgan P. for me!

  7. Jimmy and Brianna here, we love you all and would have loved to be there with you. There was a request for some corny jokes and Brianna told me I should share one. (She loves my jokes). Here’s one:

    A Spanish-speaking magician says he will disappear on the count of three, “uno, dos,…” poof, he disappears with a tres.

  8. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he wanted to ask if everyone is safe and he got an answer! glad that everyone is safe and sound with their luggage!

    (To: Abby K & Andrew K.)
    :Hey Abby, JSYK Snowbell and Maggi are doing fine!
    :Hey Andrew, I’m at the cottage with Nana and Grandpa and Dad! Wish u and Abby were here!


  9. Eden, I hope the trip is going well so far and that the plane/bus rides were not too bad! Joel came home last night so I’m not an only child anymore.

  10. Miss Morgan: Thx for the shoutout…isn’t it funny how the little things stick with you – even way across the world – and make a special place in your heart? I promise all the homemade pickles you can eat when you return! Jake and I have been mostly solo at home this week…taking good care of your guy! xoxo Lisa

  11. A rabbi, a priest, and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What is this, some kind of joke???”

  12. Sounds like non stop activity and fun!!! So glad everyone is there safely and that it sounds like a great time!

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