Day 2: We ALL arrived

Hey everyone!
It’s Morgan R, Eden and Adia. We are happy to inform you that all 20 members and all 40+ bags arrived to Bucharest safely and soundly (sort of). Our first flight was 8 hours of movies, failed attempts to sleep, and subpar airplane food (@SwissAirlines, we saw that salmon you were serving to first class). We then had a two hour layover in Zurich, and the Swiss Chocolate cravings were fulfilled. Once again, we boarded our flight, achieved a little more sleep, and grew more and more excited to see familiar faces waiting for us at Bucharest. Upon our arrival to the baggage claim, we retrieved and organized the luggage as it emerged. We rejoiced in having lost no bags (especially Katrina)! As anticipated, many smiling faces met us outside the doors of the baggage claim area. There were many hugs, laughs, and introductions to new team members both on the American team and Romanian team. We can speak for all in saying that the news of having A/C on the bus was the cherry on top of our journey to Romania. Now, we are 2/3 of the way through our six hour bus ride to Craiova, where a large dinner and a much needed night of sleep await. We are getting to know the Romanian leaders, and the next couple days will give us plenty of opportunity to bond. La reverdere, for now!
Joel, Naomi, and Mom: do you miss me yet?? Ok, it’s only been a day… Joel, finish ESP strong! I can’t wait to hear about it. Naomi, enjoy being an only child for now:)
Gail, Dad, and Mom: I miss you guys so much! Thanks for loving me and supporting me through this entire process. Dad and Gail, give hugs and kisses to Luke and Ruby for me. Mama, snuggle Cassi for me. Love you guys <3

The Reeds (and then some): how is everything back in WI? We passed some cows earlier, and it made me think about you all and how lonesome you must be without me. 😉 Twins, I keep imagining how much you two would love it here, so I hope you are prepared to apply for next year. Jake, how many trips to Sonic have you made since I left? What’s the tally on HIMYM episodes? Oh! I have had The Score on repeat. Every time “Legend” comes on shuffle, I get more and more excited for football. I hope all goes well with camp and two-a-days. I miss you! And mom, are you holding down the fort? I hope Finn, or at least Captain, has compensated for my absence. To any other friends and family members reading, hello and thank you for all that you do! Love, Morgan

Ali mongoose- Irina misses you almost as much as I do

Shoutout to Lief. 🎈.


10 thoughts on “Day 2: We ALL arrived

  1. So many things to rejoice about – safe travels, all of the bags arriving, connection with the Romanian leaders, air-conditioning on the bus! So glad the trip has started this way and so glad for this update. God’s speed! You remain in our constant prayers.

  2. Love the blog! Stay happy and healthy and live in the moment. We love you Morgan! Grandparents of Morgan Pincombe:

  3. Are we talking REAL air conditioning or “air conditioning”? Either way, I am thoroughly impressed. Clam claps for everyone!
    -Frances Marie Rosing

  4. Sending love and prayers out to team Blackhawk!
    Athena-I do feel guilty making ice cream this weekend without you but I promise I will enjoy it on your behalf. Love you.

  5. NOAH you’ve been missing out on fun at work. Yesterday SIX buses pulled up full of camp kids right at open. But it’s ok because today Andrew told me he wished it were possible for him to rotate on BOTH sides of me so HA!

    To the team – I’m so excited for you guys and so grateful your bags all made it! Praying for good rest and good days in Craiova!

    Love and mosquito kisses to all!!

  6. Morgan R, I haven’t been to Sonic since we went on Tuesday. I’m on season 7 episode 23 for HIMYM! (I’ve past McKenna since she left) ‘The Score’ has been shuffled into my playlist very frequently but it makes me miss Kohls more than hypes me up for football. The supercamp starts Wednesday and I’m hype for that. Senior pics were so fun! We spent 3.5 hours shooting. 1.75 in the studio where we did a lot of creative poses including some action shots of me
    punting. I’m glad to hear the that you and the team are safe and having fun. Can’t wait to hear more when you get home and along the way through the blog.
    Love you,
    Jake ❤

  7. AHH this made me smile so big guys!! What a beautiful reunion and first time greetings for the teams! Man. So great. Definitely praying for you guys as you start your bonding time with the Romanian team. Make sure to get the riddles going and make laughter be a common occurrence… unlike AIR CONDITIONING (?!?!?!?) in past years’ bus rides. Sheesh. What luxury. ;P

    Also. Can I get a whoot-whoot for Katrina getting her bag with her own clothes and toothbrush this go round? Holla!! Congrats, mate.

    Much love, friends.

    Alyssa Polley

  8. I love the updates. Glad everything has been going so well.
    Adia – Cassi misses you terribly!!!
    What an adventure! Keep us updated, I check the blog all the time!

  9. Hugs to Ruby… check.
    Kisses to Ruby… not going there, she’s a dog. 😉
    Hugs and Kisses to Luke… will do tomorrow after he gets back from a sleepover at the Harris’s… Harris’… Harrises… Hariss’s’s… Harrii???
    We love you and hope your trip is fun, fruitful, and fulfilling! 🙂
    Love, Dad and Gail

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