Hello from Morgan

Hello! My name is Morgan, and I am excited to be a part of Blackhawk’s Romania GO team for the first time. Reading this blog and hearing from friends who have previously traveled to Craiova has grown my curiosity and desire to see what God is already doing in Romania and to jump in alongside Open Roads.

Outside of Blackhawk’s High School Ministries, I swam competitively all four years of high school and picked up lacrosse and ultimate frisbee in the off-seasons. I love music (playing in the band, listening to Spotify’s Discover Weekly, and attending concerts), trying new and unusual foods, being outdoors, and reading. Traveling with my family over the years has also developed and sparked my desire to hop in a car or on a plane to change up the scenery, learn how others live, and see the beauty and diversity of God’s creation. And I can’t wait to visit Romania! Shortly following our trip, I will be moving to Virginia to attend the College of William & Mary.

After eighth grade, I traveled to Sutton, Alaska with Blackhawk to partner with Eaglecrest and serve community members whether through physical labor or simply time spent connecting. Before the trip, my thoughts centered mostly around the supplies and activities needed for the mini-day camp we would run and whether or not I had enough sunscreen. Afterwards, however, I couldn’t stop thinking or talking about the people I had met. I am truly excited that relationships are among the most valued aspects of this trip, and I cannot wait to spend the time talking with the Romanian leaders and campers.

I don’t speak Romanian. As cool as it would be to know the language, I recognize the language barrier that will exist. Previous team members have talked about using translators, but because I have never attempted to speak through a translator or communicate explicitly through gestures, I am not quite sure what to expect. My biggest prayer request is that God could use me even when I can’t comprehend the language in any capacity and that I would come to appreciate the time and these friendships in a new regard after seeing God work in ways which are unusual to me.

A MAJOR thank you to those who have encouraged me to apply for this trip, who have helped me prepare, and who have made it possible to go. I am incredibly grateful for your thoughts and generosity. I can’t wait to share the experience with you!

Stay tuned for updates throughout our trip! Thanks,


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  1. We can’t wait to see the mighty ways that God uses you and the mighty ways he impacts you. Praying for you LOTS!

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