Meet Athena

I’m Athena and I will be a senior this upcoming fall. I am super excited to be going to Romania for the first time this summer. On this trip, I am looking forward to seeing how God is working around the world. I have heard a lot about Open Roads from friends and from taking part in the Global Outreach club, which the last few years has raised money for Open Roads.
In my free time, I enjoy hiking (althoughI’m slightly disappointed by the lack of mountains in the area), making food (especially ice cream, or anything that is a bit weird, or better, weird ice cream), and nerding out about biology. During the school year, I keep busy with clubs including ModelUnited Nations, Student Council, Global Outreach, Book club, Future Problem Solvers, and ultimate frisbee (yes, it is technically a club). You also may spot me hanging out with four-year-olds in Next Gen on Sunday mornings, or in the occasional Family Fusion show.
My prayer requests for this trip are for good health all around and that I am able to build meaningful relationships with those in Romania and on the Blackhawk team. Thank you so much to all those who have supported me and the team.
La revedere!

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