Hello from Adia!

Hello! My name is Adia, and I will be a Senior at Memorial High School this fall. My hobbies include running, traveling, and drinking coffee. Here are some more random facts about me:
-I love reading -I speak Spanish fluently -I’ve travelled to Europe many times since I was seven weeks old -I LOVE chocolate -I hate milk – unless it’s in my coffee 😉
I am incredibly excited about this opportunity to go to Romania. I know that this trip is definitely going to be challenging, but I can’t wait to step out of my comfort zone. I love to be pushed past my limits and to grow as a person and most of all, as a Christ-follower. I’m excited to see what God has in store for us for this trip!
Have a blessed day!

4 thoughts on “Hello from Adia!

  1. Proud of you Adia. It is such a joy watching you grow from the stroller-days at Great America to the young exploring lady you are growing into. Keep up the great work!

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