CAMP Day 3: Wednesday

Buna dimineata, toata lumea! (AKA Good morning, everyone!)

Eden and Abby here!! It’s the third day of camp and we’ve been having a blast, even though the weather has not been ideal. Being in the mountains is very refreshing, and a great escape from the dry Craiova heat. It was pretty strange to go from being sweaty all the time to being constantly shivering and wet. Some people appreciate the colder weather, but others are a little bummed about all the rain. It’s rained a bit each day and not a lot of sun, but we’ve been able to do nearly everything we’ve planned.

This morning, we woke up tired (as usual), but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the day! We started off the day with our leader meeting, overlooking the misty mountains with coffee in hand. Many people shared amazing stories of conversations that took place in small group the night before. It has been amazing to hear about the progress that the campers are making even just with each day. After the meeting, we had another breakfast buffet of lots of meats, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggs, and chocolate cereal with warm milk. Then we had a time for morning worship. Being a singer on the worship team (Eden), it was so cool to see how the campers were so much more enthusiastic to worship than when camp first started. Many campers were even singing or humming the songs in their rooms!

We had some free time and then went for a day-hike in the mountains. We began with the sun shining down on us with everyone in a great mood. About halfway up the trail, it began to rain. Despite the rainy weather, the group kept going! We had groups that chose to go various distances based on what experience they wanted. Along the way, we were thrilled to see some incredible views of the stunning Romanian mountains. We even ran into some stray dogs and cows while we were climbing! When we got back, everyone was wet but refreshed. We really enjoyed the adventure! There were a lot of great conversations happening through the rain. It was so much fun bonding with the people on the team! Definitely an experience we will not forget.

Throughout the camp so far, we have formed some amazing friendships with the campers, bonding through bracelet making, hair braiding, and lots and lots and lots of selfies! We have also shared some special moments in our small groups. Despite the language barrier, we are still able to engage in deeper conversations about God. It’s amazing to see the progress that many of the campers have made in their faith journey.

During the evening program, the program team did a very hilarious soda-chugging competition that included supposedly “dirty” socks (???). After another round of great worship, Lief began his message about who God is, how much He loves us, and how He is a father to the fatherless. He used an awesome demonstration to show two ways that people may perceive God in comparison to who God really is. He then told a story that was very similar to the Prodigal Son, except with a daughter in modern day. It was very compelling and brought tears to many eyes. This message opened the door for great discussions in our small groups. It is often difficult for the orphans to understand God’s love, because they haven’t received much love themselves. They are scarred from being left behind and turned away. For this reason, God’s love is a very important theme at camp. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to build these relationships. God’s presence is very obvious in this camp and among the campers.

That’s all for now!! We are looking forward to the next two days of camp before we head back to Craiova.

-Abby & Eden

And now it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for:

Jokes with Jesse!!!

What do you call a pair of socks that follows around another pair of socks?


7 thoughts on “CAMP Day 3: Wednesday

  1. Mo Reed it’s 4:50 on Thursday the 11th I passed my drivers test with 6 points off and am officially licensed. You should be seeing a grey Honda in your driveway the night you get home. I’m glad to hear camp is going well and hope you and everyone are having a safe trip. I miss you so much (but you already know that from past comments) and I can’t wait to see you. Have a safe rest of your trip. -Jake <3

  2. Yo Mo!!

    Hope you’ve been enjoying my letters, possibly crying a little bit and hugging the teddy bear at night before bed. Ive been sleeping with your sweatshirt and idk if I plan on giving it back…..its really comfortable. Surprisingly, Jake passed his test. So yeah needless to say I’m moving to Canada where I can drive safely.

    I checked our schedules and we dont have classes together, but we have the same teachers which will be good for studying around finals time! The twins both looked beautiful today for their orientation. You would’ve been so proud to see them today.

    Im very excited for you to come back. See you soon!!

  3. Yo friends! I’m slacking again, but it’s so cool to hear about camp!!!!! The bathroom situation sounds a little rough – I think I might’ve been with Franny and Lief and just not showered at all, haha. Also, heated milk sounds like quite the adventure, but with chocolate cereal, I could see it being pretty good. Now I’m super tempted to try it.

    I’m a little salty I’m missing the crazy neon fitness people – they sound like some real swell gals, I bet they are getting the campers really hyped. Camp sounds super awesome so far and the pics look like it’s a really cool place in a sweet location. To those who feel frustrated in small groups: shoutout to y’all for perseverance. Even if you never see it, just hearing truth over and over again can make a huge impact, whether this week, or far far in the future. You guys are doing really great work over in Romania – you are an encouragement to so many people.

    Emma: I miss you sooooo much. I hope this trip is really awesome for you and you feel God’s work in your life and those who you interact with. Can’t wait to see you again.


  4. So glad that hug went down. Maybe Cab is next?? 😜

    ALYSSA ah so glad the letter did its job. 🙂 I love love love youuuu

    Praying for strength and energy for everyone and sending lots of love!!!

    Also I started giggling reading about the olympic characters and looking at the pics. Ali The Pollard, you were seriously rocking the 80s work out look.

    Peace out girl scouts ✌🏻️,

  5. Team- Missing you lots! I continue to be amazed by the ways you are putting yourselves out there to really show the campers God’s love. I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to do so. I can’t wait to hear more from your blog posts and from you individually. Keep being you and stay strong. I’ll continue praying for God to make his presence even more apparent and for energy and safe travels.

    Ali- I miss you best friend. Your picture is prominently placed on my new desk 🙂 I can’t wait to FaceTime, call, text, or snapchat (whatever it takes) when you get back.
    Alyssa- CHICA! I miss you’re smiling face 🙂
    Noah- I sure hope you received the loon calls and that you’ve graced the team with a few during your time there. PS-I miss you loads more than I miss Jackson (don’t tell him though)
    I hope you all received and enjoyed the letters!

    With love from Iowa,

  6. Raybraham and Franny,
    Hey you guys – we’ve been thinking about you guys and praying for you throughout these days of Romania. I mostly can’t imagine what that would be like, so far away and in such a different culture. I know last year was really hot ~ this year cool and chilly, huh? Of course, the common denominator is a desire to share e truth of Jesus and the life changing difference He makes, to say nothing of the eternal difference! So you guys, just very proud of you and thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you! Finish strong peeps!
    {PS – Ray, you feelin’ OK over there? You look a little weird.}
    {PS – Franny, mom says, “halo, halo, halo!”
    Papa J, over and out.

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