4 thoughts on “Some Photos from Camp!

  1. Katrina – it looks for you were reunited with your red suitcase. I don’t recall Minnie Mouse on it when you left. (Seriously, did your suitcase finds its way to you?)
    Praising God for your amazing time in Romania!
    Love and miss you!

  2. AH you guys!! These pictures made me laugh and cry and cheer and laugh and cry. So incredible to see all of your smiling faces and to see you interacting with Romanians whom I know and love. Just warms my heart! Looks like a gorgeous camp you all are at as well. What a blessing! Lief, it looks like you’re taking good care of Elvis (or maybe the other way around?) and Ali, Morgan and Emma, so excited to see you all and your magnificent outfits as camp characters. Know that I am expecting our favorite Olympians to show up back in the states sometime. Sounds like camp has been a both challenging and hugely successful on the first day – can’t wait to see and hear about how God works in and through each of you and the Open Roads team this coming week. Love you all and praying BIG prayers for your team. Someone give the Hersh cousins a big and potentially awkwardly long hug . You are loved and missed!

    Ben Hersh

    Cabbabe – I’ve almost asked you to come to the cabin 3 times before remembering that’s a long commute from Romania… I pulled the last of my sister’s stuff out of the house so it’s all ready for you to move into when you get home! Love you buddy.

    Also Ali, for your own safety and for the sanity of those around you, please contain the mosquito for the second half of the week. At that point there’s no going back.

    I feel like this comment is a novel. Sorry not sorry! 🙂

    Oh and give Elvis a big hug for me! I hope he’s still singing his heart out.

    Atsi Statsi!

  3. Ali I always knew you would be an olympian 🙂 You guys look like you’ve been having tons of fun! I’m so glad. I miss you all tons!!

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