Buna from Morgan and (as requested) Alyssa!

Sunday was our final prep day before camp.

It started out with the normal breakfast consisting of cereal, room temp lapte (or better known in the States as milk), and bread almost as oversized as the amount of Fineti globbed on top. Fineti is like a better and sugarier (didn’t get advice from Dan, sorry) Nutella.

Dressed in our Sunday best, we took a short stroll on the street behind the Ethos community to the church. The congregation warmly welcomed us to worship with them. During a time of open prayer, the magnitude of our Father was evident within the intensity of one soft-spoken woman’s prayer. There was no translating required to comprehend the passion and emotion in her voice. It was a moment that we will surely remember. Witnessing her faith encouraged us further in our own. It seemed as a perfect preface to the wisdom Ray shared during his sermon. He challenged us to encourage others in order to glorify God’s kingdom, no matter what country you are in.

After church ended, we (especially the guys in pants) wanted to change into cooler get-ups but quickly realized we had like none left due to it being laundry day. After changing into whatever wardrobe remained, we enjoyed a few rounds of the game “psychiatrist” and many bottles of water. Lunch followed shortly after our American team time. We had chicken, mashed potatoes, and cucumbers (per uge) that ended with someone, not naming names (*cough cough* Morgan), licking her plate clean. Needless to say, our picky eaters were very happy with this meal. Apparently, (I, Alyssa, just learned this…) everyone but the worship team enjoyed some delicious ice cream on their way up to rehearse the motions for the camp theme songs. Morgan’s got a shout out to Culver’s down below.

After an entertaining run through of motions featuring some epic air guitar and crazy verticals from Ray, we enjoyed some free time before heading to the Youth Sports Park with all of the campers. This was the second time that our team was both reunited and introduced to the campers. With energy sweating from each and every person, we played games like amoeba, partner tag, and some exciting games of ultimate frisbee. Our pal Jesse took a bit of a tumble with a small twist to the ankle, but took it like a champ (and she’s fully recovered!). God is working in this ministry – His work is evident on the faces of the campers as they laugh and compete with one another – and in the way the leaders come alongside them and encourage them. As the night went on, we got more and more excited about continuing this at camp together the next day! After a quick dinner, we spent time finishing all our camp supply packing and preparing the bags and were off to one more nights sleep in Craiova!


Morgan: hey everyone! It makes my day to hear all of your wonderful comments J I miss you all very much and look forward to hearing all of your stories from the twins almost dying (???) to Syd’s routine boy update. Jake I hope football isn’t wearing you out too much. I am very excited for your first game J Iazmin gives everyone hugs question mark? Oh yes, and my shout out to Culver’s for teaching me how to scoop custard (although I used my skills to scoop ice cream) Btw I’m coming home with a new nickname of Morgan Magnifica. Ttyl -Mo

Alyssa: You guys are comin in clutch with the comments. Moll, you have no idea how awkward that hug was… thanks girl. Much love!

Cab: Shout out to the home dawgs reading this! (EDITOR NOTE: as well as all his home dawgs who aren’t).

6 thoughts on “Buna from Morgan and (as requested) Alyssa!

  1. Hey Morgan Magnifica! Everyone misses you so much (me the most though). Football has me sore and very worn out but I’ll try to be in good shape for the 16th. My drivers re-test is in Thursday so I’ll tell you how that goes. Now that there is a week left I’m selfishly counting down the days. I’m glad to hear you and the whole crew are safe and having fun. Good luck at camp! See you soon 🙂

  2. I miss you so much Mo!!!!! There’s a fantabulous boy update awaiting you when you get home. Hopefully the two days of ACTs next week doesn’t kill me before you get home hahahahhaa love you lots!!!

  3. Once again I have so enjoyed everyone’s comments regarding the camp and the church and the meals, etc.!! I think you are all definitely doing good in God’s world. Keep working. It has been one week today since you left Madison. Amazing! Love and hugs from the Nana in Illinois

  4. Home Dawgs here, Kira and Amy. (This is Amy) I’ve always thought church is so cool in Romania, glad you guys had an awesome experience there. But what is with worship team always missing out on the good stuff?!?! Don’t worry, I feel your pain guys. It’s crazy you are leaving for camp (I guess you’re already there by now) – can’t wait to hear stories from there. I hope you are reading my comments out loud, otherwise I will be very salty.

    I second that (says Kira). I am missing all my work buddies, the pool is so empty without u guys! Totally praying that camp goes well and that the Romanians in attendance will absorb God’s word and feel filled by it. Camp is a great opportunity to just love on them. U are doing such good work:)

    P.S. um…so…we would like a shoutout. -Kira
    Do it and youre cool, do it and youre cool. -Amy

  5. The Reed (Miss Magnifica’s family) are loving the updates and good to know that Morgan is using her scooping skills, cleaning dishes (with her mouth) and happy and healthy. High school registration was today and it was very uneventful. Things remain in “humid, muggy weather” mode as God seems to be saving all the perfect weather for when you all return…. 🙂 Finn, Cooper and Captain are doing well. Finn must be eating Morgan’s custard as he keeps getting fatter and fatter. Dad acts like he has no idea why… then I catch him giving Finn mac and cheese, cereal and other treats. We can’t believe your time is almost close to an end on this trip…. time has flown by. Enjoy every lasting minute as when you board that plane for home, you’ll truly wonder how it went by so fast. Be safe, have fun and be the face of God’s love to those around you. We love you and miss you so much!!! See you in a few days! Love, your family

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