Day 2 (Friday)

This is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Cabbage and side-kick, but more like co-super person, ‘Tree’ (Katrina)

The morning of Thursday August 5th we enjoyed a hearty breakfast of the same sugary Romanian cereal as the past morning. After breakfast we sat down to listen to Daniel and Dana who proceeded to tell us about how they began their journey of loving on Romanian orphans. Dana talked about her past and about how she started to get involved with orphans. In high school she and her friends would go to the orphanage and take a few kids for the weekends. Back in those days one could “check out” any child in the orphanage for the weekend as long as they had an ID and brought them back by the following Monday. Dana told us about how she and her friends would try to buy clothes and food for the few kids they brought home with the little money they had. She explained that this was where her love for orphans began. The stories were incredible to hear and it was extremely obvious that God is working through both Daniel and Dana to show his love to the people they work with.

After lunch we continued camp planning (Ben doing more playing than planning, watching movies as part of the “tech team” time, which caused him to get kicked off the Program team). Some of us worked on motions for the camp song, Dan channeling his inner Hershberger with his superior motion making skills. After about an hour and a lot of weird dancing and a lot of Iasman’s help, we managed to come up with some pretty boss motions for the camp song Fii si fici (sons and daughters).

Later that night we went to the Ethos school to meet the campers, something we had all been super pumped to do. I was really encouraged to see that there was a lot of new campers that will be coming to camp – Ben. We started off with a name game that involved a lot of running around hitting each other with balls. After many names were learned and many faces were hit, we moved on to a fierce game of dodge ball. I really enjoyed playing it, partly because I won one of the games and partly because there are few better ways to bond with people than to be throwing foam balls at them as hard as you can- Katrina. Then we played a running version of Tic-Tac-Toe. We all lined up and then raced to the chalk drawn out tic-tac-toe board on the ground. Not only did you need brawns but you also needed the brains to win. After a lot of cheating and brain farts MY team came out as the victor – Ben. Actually because Ben’s team cheated quite badly, MY team won and proceeded to sing we are the champions in a winner’s circle (Ben not being a part of that)-Katrina. It was great seeing all of the old campers and the new campers there, and we’re all excited to see the campers again Sunday night! We concluded the night with some intense rounds of Romanian style mafia.

Aaaaand now we bring you Jokes with Jesse

There are two fish in a tank and one looks at the other one and says…

How do you drive this thing?

This is Cabbabe and Tree-Tree signing off.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 (Friday)

  1. Ben – you mentioned being encouraged that lots of new campers were coming. That really struck me – in an opposite way. I’m bummed that there continue to be more of these orphans that need what you guys are doing. That it keeps going on.

    I’m happy you are all there to offer an alternative view of the world. Love. Trust. Hope.

    I hope that message gets through.

    It’s heavy stuff. I know you guys write some funny stuff here and you are sharing cool times, but you are doing serious stuff. I appreciate that.

    Thanks for giving of yourselves.
    jp (and M.E.)

    P.S. Noah and Ali – we love you. That is all.

  2. Dude, Cabbabe, what’s up with this video watching shenanigans during work time? 😉 But importantly, that’s so awesome camp is drawing in more and more new people (even though I echo the above comment in that’s it’s unfortunate that there are so many to be drawn in). It sounds like you guys had a ton of fun and let me tell, I speak from experience that hitting people with foam balls is the best way to bond (especially when you are hitting middle schoolers, but I digress). Props to those making the motions – can’t wait to see them when you guys get home!!! Also, I don’t think ive ever heard that story about Dana as a high schooler – SO cool. Keep up the good work friends, you all are the bomb. Miss youuuuu!!!!!!

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