Romania: Day 1


Jesse and Eden here, reporting on our first full day in Romania. We got some extra sleep after arriving at the Vierus’. We are all staying in the Ethos community, which is awesome because we are all located close together! After getting some much-needed Zzzzs we ate breakfast and played some games to get to know the Romanian team. We also had some American team time where we got to read the blog comments-thank you so much for all of them! They’re so fun, and really made us smile and laugh.


After a big lunch, we broke into teams for camp planning. The plans are really coming along, and we’re getting super excited for camp! The theme is “Fii si Fiice de Rege” which means Sons and Daughters of the King. Our camp verse is Jeremiah 29:13, and we’re using the theme of the Olympics to build energy!

Soon after we all gathered together again, we experienced our first Romanian water fight! It was very unexpected, but felt good after the hot day. The Romanians got control of the hose, but everyone ended up soaked. There is some debate as to who won….Iazmin says he did for sure but some people might disagree. Katrina, who was fighting for the hose, definitely lost (she got the most wet) – it’s a good thing she went shopping for some clothes as her bag has not yet been located/delivered. While she is set up with enough clothes to make it through the week, please continue to pray that her bag arrives soon.

After changing into dry clothes, we headed to the city center for shaorma! We could write a whole other food blog about it, but Dan and Cabbage wrote one last year, so you can go read about it there J We enjoyed getting to see more of the city and the beautiful architecture. It was recently renovated, so it was fun for everyone to see. We also got some ice cream, which we found room for even after being stuffed with shaorma.

imageThat was it on our first full day in Romania! We are all doing well, and enjoy reading your comments everyday. Getting to know the Romanian leadership team has been great, and we are looking forward to meeting the campers tonight! The weather has been great also—not too hot thankfully!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….JOKES WITH JESSE!!!

What did the earth say to the earthquake?

You crack me up!!


Shoutout to Charlie from Real Friendz + Jesse +Lil P: Thanks for commenting all the way from Iceland!!

Shoutout to Kelsey from Eden:
Thanks for the prayers, Romania is totally exceeding my expectations. I’m feling fantastic!

Shoutout to Hershberger cousins/siblings: We miss the other 4/6 of the crew, and are repping our ¼ Norwegian well.

13 thoughts on “Romania: Day 1

  1. Keep up the good work! So glad to hear about all the teamwork and connections being made. Praying for an awesome Day 2! Special hugs to Jesse from her mama!

  2. Reading blog posts is very fun
    One after another, until your trip is done.
    Make more posts, I’ll read them all.
    And I’m sure I’ll like them – that’s my call.
    No worries – you are supported from here to there.
    I and others will continue in prayer.
    All of you are doing God’s work – do it with great care.

  3. The City looks beautiful. Sounds like you are experiencing some amazing things and making wonderful memories. So many of our family and friends have asked about Morgan and the team… So many people back here who are so thrilled for each of you and praying that God continues to use each of you in His own special way to change lives, create faith and share love. It really is all about love. A hug, a warm smile or a kind word (said or down out of unconditional love) can change everything! It is why I am so proud of all of you – you have given your time, support and courage to this team and trip out of the love you have for God, each other and humanity. Help others see the wonders of that simple word through God’s eyes!!! (Okay, I admit that I watched Bruce Almighty last night and it really inspired me – once again!!! I can feel Morgan rolling her eyes! 🙂 ). Love you all! Be safe and have fun!

  4. Team- Your stories of water fights and good food succeeded in making me smile! It makes me so happy to know that you’re having fun and serving the same God despite the thousands of miles. Keep doing what you’re doing! I also love the theme for this year’s camp! I wish I could be in attendance because I would surely learn a couple things 🙂 Love and miss you all.

    Jesse- You’re really pulling out all the good ones aren’t you?! You could have a career in comedy 🙂
    Trina/Tree- Way to fight for it! I hope your clothes come in soon… Have you seen any cool birds yet?
    Ali (AP) and Noah (NoPol)- I’m missing one of my favorite pairs of siblings more than ever. I hope you’re still keeping each other in check 🙂 Love you guys

    Madison (Mad-town)

  5. Miss you so much Morgan! Your best friend may be getting herself a new boyfriend sometime soon, wish you were here to help with that haha. Jake misses you too, but I miss you more 😉 oh and by the way I’m definitely keeping the giant teddy bear and your neon yellow soccer sweatshirt. Love you lots, hope you’re enjoying my letters!! <3

  6. Thank you for the updates. Love hearing what you are doing & especially love seeing the pictures. Sending another hug to Angie 🙂

  7. Shout out to Mo Reed. Syd was a little off on saying she misses you more than I do. Just to clear things up we miss you equally (me a little more). Also I am gonna borrow a little keepsake til you get back. Hope your having fun! Can’t wait to hear stories!

  8. The water fight sounds super fun! I bet Sammy didn’t participate 😉 Have you finished all the pb, yet, Sam? The picture looks amazing! Ben can’t wait to hear about the architecture. Hope that bag is found soon!
    Love, Shawntel (Sammy’s mom)

  9. Shaorma?! Glad you all got to continue the tradition!

    Thanks for the Hershberger shout outs… Grandma would be proud 😏

    Dan–They may be slow to comment on your blog, but I keep getting updates from Mom and Grandma about the animals and the road trip–sounds like they made it safe to CO and that Kaylynn’s enjoying Hershey.

    Jesse–I’m loving the jokes! Grad school has been quite *corny* so far, so I’ve got an extra appreciation for the punny ones 😂🌽

    ^ Dan, you’re rubbing off on me! 😳

  10. Sam:
    You have to tell me all about the architecture/city in general when you get back. Eat a lot of Romanian food for me and make sure to drink your Ovaltine.

    Cabbage and Dan:
    I could use a refresher on how amazing the Shaorma is.

    Bummer about your tie-dyes. And quit losing in water wars!

  11. Hey Morgan! Hope you’re having fun on your trip. We are having fun here. Sydney came with us to sephora and got free make overs from Angie. Our concert was AMAZING but was shut down early because of a power outage and storm. We almost flipped our car and saw four raccoons in the middle of the road about to jump on the car but it was a great day over all. Jake hasn’t come over yet but his football camp went well. Orientation is coming up soon so we went to take a tour after swimming at the pool and almost got lost. Tell everyone we say hi and enjoy the rest of your trip!

  12. I’m so glad to hear that things are going well! I’m super jealous of the yummy new foods you all are getting to try, and continue to keep you in my prayers! Eden, Dan, and Noah – I really think your awesome team needs the “Hot Cheetos and Takis” song revived as a tribute to your first mission trip together 🙂

  13. Yesssss Shoarma!!!! So glad you all got to experience it 🙂 Also, shoutout to sleep, it’s pretty great. I hope you had an awesome time getting to know the campers!!! I need to catch up on mh blog reading now so peace!

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