The Blackhawk has landed

Buna! It’s Sammy and Morgan featuring Iazman (pronounced Yaz meen, or Yaz man if you want to make him a super hero). After a long (long long long -Iazman) day and night, we’re munching on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a bus to Craiova. Our first flight to Zurich was filled with food, drinks and traffic jams through the aisles of the plane. Throughout the eight hour flight, it is hard to say we achieved a solid 40 winks (probably more like 20). We landed and caught our next flight to Bucharest at nearly 5am Madison time. We learned quickly that the Swiss airport was a lot more laid back than ORD, and heard a lot of French and German. Morgan says boarding that second flight was awkward because we were the last ones on and had to walk past many staring eyes.

When we finally landed in Bucharest it was cool and cloudy. We were met at the airport with smiles all around, and tons of friendly new faces for us first-timers. The returning folks were tired, but excited to see their friends again and introduce us to them. After the introductions we all piled onto the bus and are attempting to make up those last 20 winks while getting to know our new (old for some) friends.

The general consensus we have from the newcomers is that the first time in Romania has been “pretty good” (awesome – Iazman) so far, based on a quick survey of the exhausted passengers. To my flatlander family back home (this is Morgan), a geographical comparison of Switzerland to Romania would be comparing a hilly and “mountainous” Wisconsin to a far-as-the-eye-can see Illinois. In the upcoming weeks we will be traveling further into the country for a more “altudinous” (thanks Dan for the new word?) view. The returners say its shaping up nicely, and are rightfully excited about the fact that this bus has some air conditioning. In our opinion, the weather has been perfect, the people fantastic, and the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches superb.

We’re looking forward to the next couple weeks and the accompanying blog posts, but now it’s time for Jesse to shine:
Jokes with Jesse: Wanna know what’s great about Switzerland? Well, the flag is a big plus 😉

To the Piascik family: I’m alive and well! The jet-lag isn’t too bad if you get lucky and time things right, and I’m looking forward to telling you all about the trip when I get back (once more stuff has actually happened.). Love you guys! – Sammy

To Jesse’s mom/aunt Sherry and Dan’s mom/aunt Linda: There are still two Hershbergers and they’re both alive, happy, healthy, and telling jokes!

To the family and friends of Mo(rgan): I apologize for my lack closure and goodbye texts. I was given access to free wifi on the plane that I quickly learned didn’t exist. However, I am (suhhh) excited to return with many stories, pictures and videos to show you all. Don’t eat my custard and try not to miss me too much. I love you all! -Mo

Hi. -Iazman

14 thoughts on “The Blackhawk has landed

  1. Love getting your posts and seeing pictures. Keep em coming! 🙂 We will be praying for your team every day. Someone please give Angie a hug from me :-).

  2. Hey good to hear about the Peanut Butter and Jelly sanwiches. All positive stuff.
    Praying that the heat doesn’t get too bad.

    Peace out Sam, Alissa, Alyssa, Noah, Cabbage, Dan, Katrina, Emma and others.

  3. Glad to hear of your safe arrival. Kansas, Sammy? Really?! And did you save some of the pb for the others? 🙂 Keep the updates coming!!! Love you lots Sammy and prayers for everyone! Love, Sammy’s mom, Shawntel

  4. Hey Sammy……………..Love the group picture. Lot’s of smiles and enthusiasm. What a wonderful opportunity. We have no doubt you will gain a great deal from this experience. What you and your companions will contribute will be of great service to the many new and life long friends you are about to make.
    We are so proud of you in so many ways.
    Be safe and we look forward to seeing many pictures and hearing many stories.
    Jet Lag is not allowed. Didn’t you see my soul floating at 37,000 ft. above 30 degrees West during your Atlantic crossing.
    We love you very much,
    Grandpa Mike and Nonna

  5. A/C on the bus?!? Must have been like Christmas except better. Dan – who knew you’d be the human dictionary of the trip? Maybe you’ve been spending too much time with Paula… Someone go tell Iazman I miss him and greatly enjoyed his comments on this post. Who is staying at Beni’s house?? Don’t turn down any food he offers you. His family is amazing. Get to know them too! Missing you guys bunches and super enjoying (Dan help me with a word here) your blog posts. Love you guys and praying big prayers!


  6. So glad I’m a part of this amazing mission trip via email. I feel like I’m getting to know the team members and I’m so proud Morgan is there. Enjoy this adventure with God and those who live with Him in their hearts. Happy day. Keep reporting so I can picture it as often as possible. Lots of love

  7. DUDES. THERE WAS AC ON THE BUS!?! Hallelujah praise Jesus! Oh, and praise Jesus for safe travels! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more stories! Praying for health and safety! Oh, and if you see her around, give Ana a HUGE hug from me and tell her I hope she’s getting good use out of her Wisco Badgers t-shirt!

  8. Mo, really sorry to tell you that your ice cream made it about 2 hours after you were gone (due to grieving over your departure and needing comfort food to help us recover). Captain (our lab) has been moping around, but Finn could care less who is home as long as he is getting treats and food. Cooper always looks depressed, so assume it is because of your absence. 🙂 Otherwise, nothing new here. Hot and humid weather in Madison and storms tonight. Rest, relax, enjoy and treasure every moment. We can’t wait to hear all of your adventures and new words that Dan teaches you!! 🙂 Love you! Your Fam.

  9. Hello Sam & friends- hope you are rested up. Your Great Gpa Leo taught me about traveling internationally- sleep two hours on arrival and then stay on the current time zone schedule- he was right! What a wonderful impact you and your friends are making on the lives you touch. We are so excited to hear your adventures. Hope that is a large jar of pb! Hugs – Uncle Terry & Aunt Debbie

  10. Team- I greatly appreciate the blog posts! It is so fun catching up with all the amazing things you’re doing so far. As many have already said, I also am super happy that you have air conditioning… what a blessing! Also, side-note I am truly enjoying the fact that Jokes with Jesse is a staple in these posts, keep ’em coming Jesse 🙂 I’m praying for you guys lots and can’t wait to continue hearing about the many ways I know God will put you to use during your time. Love you all lots.

    In Christ,
    Madison (Mad-town)

  11. Love that Swiss flag pun. And with all those pb&j sandwiches, your probably washing them down with some delicious milk, which if you spill it, is nothing to craiova.

  12. Air CONDITIONING!?! What is this magic!

    You guys are in my prayers and I can’t wait to hear all your awesome stories!


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