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My name is Lief, and I am a leader on the Romania trip. I’m married to Emily & we have two kids Ellie (4) & Fisher (3). Since 2008, I have had the privilege of going on many trips to Romania to visit our friends and partners in Craiova. One of my greatest joys has been seeing the Open Roads ministry to young adults grow, expand, and change lives. One of the encouraging things is seeing that many of the leaders we work with were also campers once. The stories of LiefGod’s work in the lives of those who grew up without parents, without a family, are many. To see how this ministry, and body of Christ becomes a family for these young people reminds me what it means to be part of the Church, children of God, sons and daughters of the good, good father. We get to partner and support Open Roads leaders in showing them they are no longer abandoned & rejected but accepted and loved by a God who calls them worthy, valuable, beautiful. Is there anything more important than that? Isn’t that the essence of the Gospel? It’s a message that’s powerful and needed for everyone – even those of us who were fortunate enough to grow up with a parents love. How much more then, to those who haven’t? I’m excited for our team to experience and join in to God’s work in Craiova again this year.

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