Meet Franny and Ray

Hello friends!

Franny here, representing Team Rosing. My husband Ray and I are excited to return for our second trip to Romania. Watching our team of high school students come alongside the Romanian leadership team at camp last year was truly inspiring, and we are excited to support and encourage our team again this year (and will hopefully stay diarrhea free!).

In everyday life, I am on staff with HSM and spend the majority of my time planning our trips and events. In May I finished my Master’s degree in Social Work, and am looking forward to no more homework for the rest of my life (fingers crossed). Both Ray and I serve in the West Madison Home Group during the school year (WeMad forever- MERCH!!). When Ray isn’t volunteering at Blackhawk, he spends his time educating young minds on American history at LaFollette High School.

During the summer, Ray and I like to play frisbee (go Slaps!), work on houseIMG_1629 (1) projects, and visit new places. In June we went to Ireland for a week, and had many exciting, driving-on-the-left-side-of-the-road adventures!

Thank you for all of your support and prayers. If you’re looking to pray for me and Ray specifically, please pray that we have patience with each other, our team, and our partners in Romania. We both tend to me very structured people, and often have trouble “going with the flow” as this trip requires. We’re learning, but we need help!! We love this team and this trip, and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you when we return. Thanks for reading!

-Franny (and Ray-braham Lincoln)

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