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Greetings! My name is Morgan, and I have been a part of Blackhawk’s high school ministry since my freshman year. This fall I will be a junior at Middleton High School. Throughout the year, most of my time is spent doing homework, working at Culver’s (come say hi!) or playing soccer.

Last summer I was a part of Blackhawk’s mission trip to Rosedale, West Virginia, as well as the backpacking trip in Colorado. These two trips impacted mymorgan2 faith in ways no other event ever has. I built relationships with the people I served with and developed my relationship with God. It was a blessing to be accepted to be on this amazing team, and I cannot wait to see how God uses all of the people I know and will meet to draw me closer to Him.

As far as prayer requests, I just pray that I am able to step out of my comfort zone and trust God when meeting new people and being an engaging member of camp.

Romania is (time wise) right around the corner and I am beyond excited to experience something not many have the opportunity to with an outstanding group of students and leaders. I wouldn’t be in the position to serve along side of my team and Open Roads without the contributions of my family, friends, and even those of you reading this. All of your support has been a blessing to our entire team. God has big plans and I cannot wait to share our journey with you.



3 thoughts on “Meet Morgan

  1. We are so proud of you, our daughter, and those around you who have encouraged and walked with you in your faith. God is amazing and perfect. We pray that He brings peace, love and fulfillment to those you meet in their faith, families and communities. Let God work through you and trust in Him.

    Be safe!

    Love, your family
    Dan & Paige (parents)
    Payton & Ashton (sisters)
    Finn, Cooper and Captain (pets)

  2. Have a wonderful trip and simply allow God to use you for His glory. We are so very proud of you. Love you

  3. What a wonderful opportunity for you to share your faith and show others how God works through His devoted disciples. My prayer is for your group to be safe and do God’s mission and return with a new understanding of the people in other countries. Love & prayers

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