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For dinner we went to a famous (to us) shaorma restaurant called Ali Baba. Shaorma is a succulent meal wrapped in a tortilla. There’s savory chicken, crisp vegies, delicious French fries, and a choice of special sauces. The sauces included mango delight, tangy pomegranate, marvelous mayo, buttery garlic, and exotic spice. Basically, we experienced a chunk of heaven in the backstreets of Craiova. For me (Cabbage), the first bite experience was fireworks shooting off in my mouth. It’s basically the best thing since the internet. Personally, I (Dan), felt a deep sense of shalom – everything was at peace. I truly believe that the world would be a much better place if everyone had access to high quality shaorma. It’s the with a side of rawesome (really awesome). Looking at this heavenly creation will change your diet forever. Just the aroma of this masterpiece will cause will your tongue to start swelling, only to be satisfied by a full stomach of superb shaorma. Shaorma is a full body experience and is most definitely the rich food talked about in Psalm 63.

“I was going to write a song about a tortilla but I decided to (w)rap one instead” –  Ben C.abbage

Side effects include (but are not limited to):

  • Unlocking the full potential of your taste buds,
  • Heightening of the sense of smell towards shaorma,
  • Causing you to be full,
  • You will never again be satisfied by other foods

Hope you can experience shaorma soon,

Dan and Cabbage

Shout out to Honey Bear for inspiration. You da real MVP (winkie face emoji)

Shout out to shaorma head chef

Shout out to shaorma sous chef

Shout out to shaorma commander and chef.

Shout out to the creator of shaorma for making this post possible.

We would like to thank our taste buds for inspiring this post.

8 thoughts on “Scrumptious Shaorma – A Food Blog

  1. Team-

    This post literally left us laughing uncontrollably. Cabbage and Dan you are hilariously superb writers. It’s good to know that you are having a lot of fun over there.

    Neither of us have ever experienced the holy shaorma but after reading the entirety of this post we realize just how much we have been missing. If you could send us some that would be sweet.

    Keep up the good work and continue having tons of fun. We look forward to hearing about all of your adventures (food and non- food related). We miss you guys tons! We will be sending thoughts and prayers your way as we travel to our 50th state!

    Mad town and Morgan (the Pincombe sisters)

  2. Love this post! Makes my breakfast of cold coffee and rice chex seem so very uninteresting. Is there a picture of the shaorma? Always remember to click before you bite. I will be waiting for your next cooking episode. Drooling in a lady like way into my coffee, love Mamma C. I was looking for a droolie face emoji but couldn’t find one.

  3. Thanks for the food blog, guys! It brought back many wonderful memories of my own shaorma meals at Ali Baba… Mmmmmm…. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the best Craiova has to offer! I hope you’re also having a blast in matters unrelated to delicious food and that you haven’t melted too badly in the heat (yay rain!!). Ben Hersh and Dan, I’m really proud of you both for writing right away!! If I didn’t know better, I might just have to call you two the best! Haha Love you both!!

  4. Nice post, guys. Sure makes me hungry. BTW, please pass something on to Jimmy. You guys are not all that far from Greece, one of my favorite countries. In fact, I was just speaking with some Greek friends today and we decided to have a festive celebration today in honor of the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet. You guessed it, we named our celebration – “rho-mania”. Continuing to pray for all of you on the trip and those with whom you are working.

  5. Hey people!

    Cabbage and Dan, this post made me terribly hungry. The amount of flavor you’ve packed into your words can only be exceeded by what’s packed into that Shaorma you were raving about. I’m glad you didn’t post a picture, or I likely would have had a slobbery screen.

    Even though I/we know y’all are doing good things and building great relationships with God and the Romanians and each other, I/we still miss you like crazy. Keep on keeping on, and good luck with the camp! Take pictures too!

    Sammy P

  6. HI all!

    Wow that sounds yummy! you should get a recipe and we could try to make it when you get home.I will remember not to ask you what you think of my cooking. 🙂 Shalom is a wonderful thing!

    Hope you all are sleeping well, as I write this! Praying for you as you awake in a few short hours and head to camp. May God bless your time and relationships!

    Stay hydrated, sleeping and always laughing! All our love! Can’t wait to hear more from you all!

    Dyann from a very quiet house without Taletha!

  7. Now I’m hungry. Ben and Dan – you have a future in cooking entertainment. You can’t manufacture that level of passion.

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