Send-off Pic

DSC_0933Here’s the official team photo!  Thought all the supporters would enjoy seeing who is over in Romania making these blogs come alive – all in one pic!  What a great lookin’ group!


BTW, you all are very well prayed over!  Check out the group that gathered to pray and send you all off!  WOW!

You all are in the middle there somewhere . . .

Feelin’ the love!

Of course I had toDSC_0929 include this classic shot – – Jimmy is trying out the new selfie stick (thanks to Cabbage for supplying it!).  I sure hope we’ll be seeing some epic shots with this new device!

This will be a first!

Hugs from Madison to Romania!  Lots of people praying and asking about you all!  Thanks for keeping the blog up.  Can’t wait to see what God is up to with you all!


Always the picture taker 🙂

Linda (mom to Ben & Dan)

4 thoughts on “Send-off Pic

  1. Hi Team –
    Had to make sure you all saw your official photo! Great looking crew! That’s all I’ve got – now it’s up to you all to add some stories and photos!

    Shout out to the 8 wonderful leaders – – love you guys! Thanks for taking on this group! You are spoiled with this team! Praying for rest even before camp starts!!

    Jimmy – Fitchburg has a new pastor! Daniel started today – for real!! I gave him a 6 pack of Spotted Cow from you 🙂 He appreciated it! We’ll post pics from his commissioning on Sunday. Thanks for leading well – we’re holding it together without you (barely)!!

    Dan – yes, I remembered to sign you up for CAPP before the deadline tonight (whew!). Your mom is on the ball (as Grandpa likes to say!). He is healing well and getting good sleep finally (after knew surgery).

    Ben/Dan – your cousin Henry had surgery today (9 incisions!! on the little guy), but he’s a trooper and did well. Hopefully he’ll heal and be ready to head to Prague with the rest of the family on 8/13. Keep him in your prayers!

    Debbie and Jenna say “hi”! They will write more before they head to Kenya. Hershey also says hi (“woof”), but he won’t write cuz he’s a dog!
    Hugs –
    Mom Hersh

  2. What a bunch of studs 😉

    Love seeing all the friendly faces/backs, but it reminds me there’s at least one bio I haven’t seen (What’s the deal Karbusicky?)

    Anyway, hope to see some more pictures from Craiova and elsewhere soon. The few Cabbage passed along of the church are pretty awesome.

    God bless,

  3. Hello American team. Welcome to Romania !

    Saying Hi to everyone, especially to Jimmy and Brianna, Pat and Larry, those whom I met years ago.
    I hope you are having a good time and God will use you once again here.
    I wish I could have said Hi to you but I heard you met in other park not in Romanescu. Too bad.

    Andreea Savu. ( Razvans Savu sister).

  4. Love the send off photos, the selfie stick picture is EPIC! I have to wonder who has the longest reach with the stick???? Ha, Ha! Love hearing about what’s going on, we check for updates daily. Grandma (who now lives with us) asks me every morning if I have heard anything new from the team!

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