We Made It!

This post is written by two weary travelers (Taletha and Ali), at close to midnight, after over 24 hours of non-stop travel and limited sleep. Please make a note of it.

Hey bros!

WE MADE IT! PRAISE THE LORD! After taking a bus, two planes and another bus (it took us just as long to get from Bucharest to Craiova as it did from O’Hare to Vienna), we have finally arrived at the Ethos neighborhood where we are all staying (our home away from home). We are all here, minus one checked bag with some of the guys’ clothes, which will hopefully make it here tomorrow. They’ll be able to stay fresh until then though :). It was fun for those of us who have been before to reconnect with our friends, it was also a blessing for new friendships to be formed. The planes were comfortable, most of the team was able to get some good sleep, while others stayed up the entire way watching movies and playing games on the individual screens we each had.

Some things to pray for: overall health of our tired team after over 24 hours of travelling, and for our bag to arrive on time (it has Pat’s cheese in it).

Tomorrow begins the camp planning with the Open Roads leadership team, amongst . We are very excited and hope we can get enough sleep now in Azyl, the Ethos Nursing Home to have enough energy to keep up with everyone!  We have settled in and are excited to see what God has in store.

Ali and Taletha (or T, or Wiz Talifa)
It was good to get the old blogging team back together. The two of us writing this wrote a similar post nearly two years ago on our first night in Honduras.

10 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. AHHHH so excited for you guys! You’ve all been on my heart and mind yesterday and today as you’ve been traveling! I saw the pic of your team before you left on Facebook, and my heart just melted a little bit. You all are such wonderful people that I’m blessed to know and call my friends. You have a fantastic team, and I can’t stop smiling as I think about all you are going to learn as you serve together. I wish I could be there with you, but God’s plan for me for now seems to include rocking my world here in Australia 🙂 Love y’all lots – prayers coming your way from down under!

  2. Hey everyone!! I don’t know most of you, but I guess I just want to say good luck to all of you! And please, someone give Kira a BIG hug and a kick in the pants for me. Seriously. I miss you Kira! And I LOVE YOU!! (: (thanks for telling me you left. I will be posting every day from now on with embarrassing stuff just for you. Jenna said it was okay.)

  3. Can I get a what, what? Sounds like your flights were fly! Excellent. Momma P and JP are happy that u all b there in safety. Looking forward to hearing the deets as you dig into things.

    M.E. says I have to be serious now. We’ll be praying for you all and for some excellent realtionships to form during your time. 🙂


  4. WOO HOO! Here we go, guys! We are praying for you and hoping you can all get some good rest. Let the adventure continue (as you’ve been on it for a while now through all of your prep and prayer for this trip)! 🙂 You are all loved!

  5. Hey guys! Glad to hear you made it without being eaten by dragons (apparently that was a concern.) You’re all amazing deserve some good sleep, so hopefully you got it! We’ll be praying for you and Pat’s cheese to continue to stay safe, and for everything to go smoothly with planning the camp.

    Thanks for posting, Ali and T!

  6. Yoooo squad! As mentioned by a curly haired friend I am also glad you were not consumed by dragons. (This was my concern as I felt there may be dragons on their way to Romania as I do recall reading something about a *Romanian Dragon Sanctuary in a Harry Potter book years ago.)

    I’m extremely excited to get a glimpse at the adventure that God has for you all unfold on this **blogger thinger. Praying for you to all have lots of energy!

    Peace and love,

    *A Harry Potter reference just for Ali

    **Alyssa Polley

  7. AWESOME! So pumped to hear from you guys. Keep the updates coming!

    I am on Day 2 of sitting my office trying to get some work done and I can’t stop thinking about where you are (thank you Find My Friends! Jimmy I be a ‘creepin!) and what you’re up to. I am transferring those thoughts to prayers. Oh – and don’t worry Franny & Angie – in addition to constantly refreshing the blog, I’m also recruiting HG leaders… seriously! This team is well prayed over. Don’t forget it. God is doing a work in and through you. Now for a little piece of advice: get some rest. That’s what I always do. Oh – and drink ur H20. No seriously. Everyone, right now, as you read/hear this: take a big swig of your water bottle. Drink until you have to pee. You’ll be glad you did.

    Shout out to the bus! Woohooo!

    With much love,

  8. Hi All! Taletha has been messaging me each morning and afternoon. But today she said that she was turning off her phone so I should comment on the blog. I have been planning to but forgot my login. So now I am logged in and able to comment. We are praying for you. I think about the time change each morning as I get up and wondering how you are all feeling. Lief’s advice is good: to sleep and get plenty of water. You all need to make Taletha drink her water. She really likes the idea of getting enough water more than actually doing so. Love you T!

    It is early morning for you all as I write this. You are not awake I am certain. We are just winding down from the day. Amos and I spent the day at Lawrence University in Appleton. Very nice campus. Very different world from what you are experiencing.

    I hope the planning with the Open Roads staff has gone well. I would love to hear how the coffee house has gone. Seems very different than what some of you did in Honduras 2 years ago.

    Can’t wait to hear more from you as you wrap up planning and head to camp! Have a great weekend!

    Taletha’s Mom (or Dyann)

  9. Team-

    I don’t know if you will see this comment being that I am late (sorry) but I really hope so! I already miss you guys so so much and am so eager to hear of all your adventures! I am so glad that you made it there safely and had a fun time doing so. I know you are all pros at this, but don’t be afraid to be open to what God is doing and showing you and make sure to process all that you are seeing.

    Ali and T: Amazing first blog post and it sure did bring back the memories from when we wrote the first blog post for Honduras on little sleep but eager hearts. I love and miss you guys more than you know. Keep up the good work and fun!

    Madtown (Madison Pincombe)

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