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Hey all, Dan here!
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be on the team this year, having heard stories for the past five years about how great this trip is from my siblings. I have gone to Alaska the past two years with Noah (I’m the one on the right in this picture)  

 and those trips really opened up my eyes to the fact that God is present no matter how far you go, whether Alaska, Romania, or anywhere else. I’m psyched to have the opportunity to witness His presence in new ways and places in the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to experiencing what God has planned for me in Romania, and the different ways He’ll show himself through me and those around me. 

See you guys in the comment section!

3 thoughts on “Meet Dan

  1. Hey Dan!

    A little late on the bio, but better late than never 😛 We’re all psyched that you have the opportunity to go on the trip this year, and looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Dan –
    I’m SOOOO excited for you to experience Romania with such a great team! I’ve been on a few teams and seriously, please know that you have an amazing collections of students and leaders – wow!! Learn from them, lean on them and love them – even when everyone is tired, hungry and hot (praying your weather gets cooler!).

    Thanks for trusting God to venture out on this half-way around the world journey. He’s got a lot to show you, but He usually asks us to take the first step. You have and He’ll supply you with new friendships, new adventures and new glimpses of Himself.

    Hugs from home!!
    Dan’s Mom
    P.S. The dog and cat are following me everywhere – help!! At least they didn’t leave me any new presents! BTW, this house is a bit empty without you guys! But I’m glad you are where you’re at! Enjoy!

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