Meet Ben H. 

Hello friends, family, and supporters (and those of you who fit into each of those categories)!
We’ll start with the easy stuff: My name is Ben, I just graduated high school from Middleton, my favorite color is purple and I love my mom’s strawberry pie.

 Now we can move onto the good stuff! This will be my 5th international mission trip with Blackhawk middle and high school ministries and my 7th international mission trip overall. Although I’ve been on a number of trips, God reveals something new to me each time I follow his calling. I will be returning to Romania a second time with Blackhawk as I was on the trip last year. Last year I formed some strong relationships with both Romanian leaders and orphans last year and I am beyond excited to have the chance to be reunited with my Romanian friends. This year will be a bitter sweet experience because I have graduated high school and this will be my final trip with high school ministries with Blackhawk as a student. Though I hope to return as a leader in the coming years (you heard me right, Lief) there are no guarantees.

Next year, rather than jumping straight into college, I’m choosing to take a year off, a gap year, and will be traveling the country doing a collection of short term mission trips and wilderness trips. I’m going through a program called LeaderTreks along with 11 other guys my age. My biggest worry and request for prayer is that I may be able to stay present during my time in Romania and not be thinking about my adventures ahead. God has me in Romania for a reason. This I know and believe strongly. Last year I had a similar fear, that I would be comparing my time in Romania with past trips in Honduras, a country that I fell in love with as a middle schooler and continue to love after three trips. I thought there was only room enough for one group of people to steal my heart. God showed me differently. In Romania I found that what I loved so much about Honduras was that God and his work was so obvious there. It’s the same in Romania. God is doing HUGE things there and I’m honored to be chosen by Him to be a part of growing His kingdom halfway across the world.

Thanks for reading this far! If you’d like to read more about who I am and my experiences, check out my personal blog at As always, prayers are essential and greatly appreciated! Can’t wait to share with you our experiences in Romania.

Benjamin H.

Side note: Comments are really fun to read so please comments often! We love them 🙂

3 thoughts on “Meet Ben H. 

  1. Hey Hersh,

    Mmm, strawberry pie… You’ve made me hungry for dessert and it’s breakfast time.

    Staying in the present is tough sometimes, especially when you know the kind of amazing things there are or will be on either side of your trip. Just remember how amazing the trip you’re in is, and let God’s love shine through you on this last HSM trip. His plan is for you to be there first, and then other great things at LeaderTrek, and the time will pass all too quickly.

    Keep this blog updated, Oscar!

  2. Nice post, but I didn’t know your favorite color was purple!! What?!? You have to go half-way ’round the world for me to find that out?? Who knew? Not me, obviously! Thought your mom would be the first to know! I’m feeling very out of touch . . . at least I knew about your love affair with strawberry pie (made by your mom, of course!).

    Seriously, I’m super excited to constantly learn more about you and who God is shaping you to be. It’s an honor that we share the same favorite color – and a few other traits. Praying you stay in the moment. I have a feeling your next 2 weeks will keep you focused on what’s in front of you. God will be placing many in your path that need your great hugs! You can do this!

    Love you!!
    Ben’s Mom!
    P.S. It’s so fun being your mom! Glad I got the job 🙂

  3. You’re comments over on my blog have made my day, so it’s about time I stop by over here 🙂 Seriously though, I’m thrilled that you were able to return to Romania. I know it wasn’t an easy job figuring out where you were supposed to be this summer and beyond, but you stayed faithful, found your path, and are now finally off to go live that path. Go live it to the fullest my friend!

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