Meet Ben C. 

Hello, my name is Ben Cramer or as most people call me Cabbage.

There is nothing I like more than long walks on short beaches, watching the sunrise at night, listening to silence and volunteering at West Town Monona Tire for money or as other people call it work.

For sports I dabble at rugby, power lifting and occasionally do some internet surfing when I’m feeling risky.

Some of my talents include having fun, making people laugh and cooking minute rice under 56 seconds.

As for school I am a part of the honors course at the Cramer academy located in Stoughton you probably haven’t heard of it. It’s a small class.

Some of the cool things I’ve done in my life are successfully ordering pizza by myself, taking field trips to our front lawn and learning braille because it’s handy.

I hope you enjoyed what you just read. That was me having fun. People actually do call me Cabbage even though my favorite vegetable is broccoli so that’s awkward. I am very excited for this year’s trip! I went last year it changed my life so much. “How did it change my life” well I’m glad you asked! Just going to Romania, serving people and spreading God’s word feels so right! It feels like that’s what we were made to do! It’s emotionally hard though because going back to your every day life is difficult. You see how blessed everyone is and how we take so much for granted. I could go on and on about this but I’m actually writing this at work so I have to go back to work now. I hopefully will be writing some more blog posts so stay tuned.

P.S. keep us in your prays and have a blessed day! Smiley face emoji.



5 thoughts on “Meet Ben C. 

  1. Hey Cabbs!

    Okay, this was worth the wait to read. It’s a nice mix of bad jokes I’ve heard before and bad jokes I haven’t. I honestly didn’t know that about broccoli, and will consider calling you that if you want. Winky face emoji.

    Good luck on the trip, and post here when you can. Otherwise I’ll see and hear from you when you get back, bro!

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  3. Lettuce consider your blog post and your trip, Cabbage. I will be home earning my celery while you are on your trip, but I’ll be praying for you and everyone else on the trip. I hope to ketchup on your doings through your blog. Corn you tell I’m enjoying this post? It’s bean fun! Can you beet this?

    If it gets cold in Romania, turnip your collar. Have a fantastic trip!



  4. Ha, Ha, Ha! Love the field trip notation to the front yard, I will ask you for your field notes in report format next time! We are praying for you all and miss you already! Your younger brother took the Batmobile for a spin after you left yesterday, hope you don’t mind!

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