Blogpost from Saturday

Hey all!! Katelyn here…first of all, sorry for the lateness of this post. I was asked to blog about a couple days ago when I thought I would be blogging about yesterday! It is hard for me to remember what happened this past Saturday because so many other good things have happened since then. Well, to start off our day we had breakfast at Daniel and Dana’s. We had our regular breakfast of a colorful vegetable mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, and white peppers. We also had an option of cereal or bread with peanut butter and prune jam (special for Trent’s issues). After breakfast we had team time with just the Americans. During this time we had a devotional studying Proberbs 2. We got the opportunity to slow down and reflect on our time here so far. The leaders indirectly and talked with us & also surprised us with letters from home. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write letters for our team. They were very encouraging to us. Continue reading

Video from the City Center

As you can see, we uploaded a few pics from one of the cameras on our last blogpost. The pics, though a bit random & repetitive give you a small idea about what the environment at the city center fountains was like…

Here is a video that really captures the feel:Craiova City Center

You can see just how much our friends we get to go to camp with LOVE taking pictures! There was a lot of joy in the City Center tonight! We can’t imagine what 5 days at camp together will do for this group! #Godisgood

Camp is going to be in tents! #punny

Today was a grand day. We started our morning off by going to the Romanian church where we got to experience beautiful singing, friendly people, and a lack of air conditioning. We got to see many of our new friends (the orphans) after the service and shared smiles and hellos before heading back to Daniel’s to discuss camp planning. I (Ben) was lucky enough to sit next to my new friend, Elvis, an orphan.  Over the past few days through hanging out in the park and united worship at church today, Elvis and I have become quite close and I am excited to get to know him and his story on a deeper level during camp starting tomorrow.  I am thankful for these opportunities to be with the orphans before camp so us Americans can go in with a higher level of confidence.
This afternoon we spent many hours in the church building preparing for camp (which is tomorrow, holy cow!!).  Between learning this year’s camp dance to the song, Restart, by the News Boys and dances from previous years, Get Down, and Toby Mac’s, Made to Love, I (Ben again) built up quite the sweat!  We are all very excited for camp and feeling pretty prepared after two straight afternoons of planning.

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Sticking to HSM Stereotypes One Late Post at a Time

Sup America!

Aight, here we go, your home puppies (Sarah, Sami, Abby and Ali) giving you the 411 on current Craiovan affairs. Looking back, a lot has happened in the past 24 hours, including major struggles in the technological area. Our efforts to provide you with an entertaining video have fallen short. Sorry guys, but on the plus side, Betty (our host sister) has Sami’s entire camera roll on her computer. So without further ado we present you with Craiova on August first, 2014. Continue reading

Day 2 – teaser for the groupies

Blog addicts:

Given the multiple comments about people checking in on the blog throughout the day, we thought we’d give you a short update – the girls who are writing the blog tonight are having internet connection issues – so we won’t be able to post it before you go to bed. However, you have this to look forward to when you wake up on Saturday morning!

KEEP UP THE PRAYERS – they make a major difference and our team is clearly well-prayed over by all of you. Mulţumim Foarte Mult! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

You need to know:

  • Day 2 in Craiova was a huge success – a coffee house concert and talent show (lots of laughs, funny games and songs, and bi-lingual worship), many stories to tell!
  • The entire team remains healthy and strong with almost no issues left with jet lag as of this morning.
  • Our 6 lost bags finally arrived and the sound equipment made it here without any damage!
  • The students on this team are exceptional. They have an amazing attitude and heart for service that has consistently gone above and beyond what has been asked of them! We are so encouraged by these students. Parents – you should be proud. You have done an amazing job raising your children to love God and love others before themselves – and that is more and more evident with each day.
  • Our Romanian partners and the Open Roads ministry is passionately and effectively doing God’s work defending the cause of the fatherless, seeking justice, and encouraging the oppressed (Isaiah 1:17). This ministry a vibrant example of God’s grace lighting up the darkness that comes from abandonment and rejection. We are so humbled and honored to serve alongside of them and look forward to seeing how God uses this ministry in the years to come!

That’s it for now. So much for a brief bullet-point list! Check back tomorrow morning a more specific blog about today and some more pictures!

With love,

-Lief and the leader team from Daniel and Dana’s Open Roads Living Room “Headquarters”