Budapest Debrief Day 1: Complete

Just a quick check-in to let you know that we had a great day 1 on debrief in Budapest. With a morning and evening debrief sessions in beautiful parks bookmarking our day. In addition to great times of reflection, prayer, and alone time, we had lunch on the Budapest version of “State Street,” visited the beautiful St. Stephen’s Basilica, and dinner on a docked boat on the Danube River. Our day was full. Our hearts are too – but also heavy. We are processing a lot and the teams emotional energy is at times spent. Please pray for this time to be fruitful and for our group to make the most of it. Pray for us as individuals as we all wrestle with our own challenges and experiences – some shared and some unique. Tomorrow we have park time planned for most of our day, including a much needed extended alone time – we pray that God will use this time to meet us each where we are at. We can’t say enough about how effective your role through prayer has been. There is no doubt we are covered  – at all times. Thank you, we love you guys, and we’ll be back with you in about 48 hours… whew… that is coming up.

3 thoughts on “Budapest Debrief Day 1: Complete

  1. We can’t wait to hear all the incredible things God has done. You guys are so strong because you have made yourself vulnerable and open to all these emotions. Try to just live in the moment and accept that you don’t have all the answers but it is all in His plan for you and everyone around you. We are excited to see what God has in store for each and every one of you as you return remade and reshaped all for his glory and your love for God! I am soooo proud of the whole team!! We will see you soon!!

  2. You and our Romanian friends are all being lifted up daily in prayer. As you spend this time processing, learning and celebrate allow all of the fullness of God has done to weigh in these sweet moments of stillness and rest. We look forward to the God stories you will share! Way to go Romania Team 2014!!!

  3. Ce faci? I just wanted to thank you all for putting your minds and hearts into this journey. Enjoy the remaining days to reflect and prepare for reverse culture shock, but also to have some more fun as a team of course! It is such a blessing to share in God’s love and the gospel with our partners and friends in Romania. What continues to shock me, is how much I tend to forget the basics: the phrase “Jesus loves me” from early Sunday school tends to bounce off… yet the weight that it holds for our Romanian friends who have never heard that someone loves them is incredible.

    Josh Bunting

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