Camp in a Jumble of Paragraphs and Stories

Something I have found insanely awesome is the campers ginormous hearts for serving. My dear friend Mari would warm my hands if they were cold from washing them in the sink, massage my feet when they were hanging off the bunk, inspect me for wounds if I fell while playing games, and she always made sure to ask me, “Ce faci?” It’s a sweet reminder that we are not the only ones coming here to serve and that the campers are working in our hearts as well. 


One thought on “Camp in a Jumble of Paragraphs and Stories

  1. Hey team, Jane here! I finally got a chance to get updated on all of the recent blog posts after a week of being without much internet, and I am so happy for you all. Camp sounds like it is going so well and I truly wish I could be there with you all. All of the blog posts make me feel God’s love so clearly, especially the posts that ask hard questions and address difficult topics. I’m praying for you all and sending much love your way from Singapore!

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