We made it to Tabara (Camp)!!!

A quick note to let you all know we’ve made to camp & had a wonderful first day!! We pushed hard last night & were all ready to go this am. It was all worth it to experience the joy & relationship building riding the bus (3-4 hour drive), arriving at this beautiful camp (the bus didn’t get stuck until after it dropped us off this year!), splitting into our small groups, playing games and having a successful evening session & small groups (it sounds like some were even quite vulnerable, especially for night #1). The team and campers are now all cozied into their cabin rooms, resting for an eventful Day 2 to come. We will have a student blog with more stories from Day 1 available sometime tomorrow!

The team is doing great – healthy, strong, willing! Please continue to pray. As leaders of this camp, we’ve been challenged to carpe diem (seize the day) and lead with energy and passion (“pace of the leader, pace of the team”). In order to lead with this kind of intentionality, we need to rely not on our own strength but on the Holy Spirit to work through us. Please pray that we allow God to do it His way and trust in Him for the fruits of this camp.

So thankful for the support & prayers of all of you.
-Lief & the team

PS: I’ll post some pics from my phone again. We would like to upload pics from team camera sometime soon (may not be able to before end of camp), so there is a greater selection of our team & campers vs just what the pictures I take near me! Thanks for understanding. Gotta hit the hay! Big day coming.











5 thoughts on “We made it to Tabara (Camp)!!!

    • Lorraine, I thought I posted one with David from my phone a couple days ago, but I must admit I think he was peeking over top of someone in a group shot! I have a bad selection on my phone and hope to find a spare minute to upload, organize, choose, & post a few from that one soon- it might be Friday or Saturday until we find the time & internet connection, hopefully sooner though!!! I assure u he is with us & a heck of a servant hearted leader. We love your son!!!

  1. Hi Romania Team,

    I’ve been checking on you almost daily and every time I read your blogs and see the pics I have tears streaming down my face. I know the experiences you are having are incredible and trust me… Life changing. Please pass out hugs to my Romanian friends (especially Elena, Miwara, Marianne, and Marianna) from me, mama Judi. A special shout out to my Waunakee Home Group gals, Melissa, Emily, Angie and Alyssa, love you guys!! Pat, I miss you and know you’re heart is so full right now as you profoundly impact all those around you with your unconditional love and infectious joy, love you much.

    Jeremy is here in South Carolina visiting us (actually, Olivia) for the week. We have spent a lot of time reminiscing about our Romania trip last year. Wish I could be there with you, but know that I am with you I spirit. Have an AWESOME and safe week at camp!!!!! You are all being lifted up in prayer.

    Te iubesc,
    Judith Ruch

  2. I love seeing all of your big smiles. But I must admit I am missing the smile of my Sweet Alyssa Polley the most. We are looking forward to hearing all of your stories when you share them next Sunday. Praying for safe travels home and a relaxing fun time in Hungary.

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