Almost there!

Almost to Romania! Flight leg one went great, some team members even slept! We just boarded leg two… 3 hours away from landing in Bucharest! Blog posts to come upon our arrival into Craiova. Please leave comments for us to share!!!





2 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. Dude, you guys, I was crying so hard when you left because I wanted to be on that plane with you all. Apparently Brianna thinks I need to around Madison to help plan a wedding or something…
    Anyway, each of you represent Christ in so many ways, and the different gifts you have are all going to be used to love and show grace to the young adult orphans who need Jesus. (You need Him too by the way). I’m pumped to follow the blog over the next 2 weeks and hear about all the joys, struggles, God stories, funny stories, shout-outs, pictures, videos, and anything else you post. Your goal is to make us (your blog readers… well, specifically me) feel like we are there. No pressure. Love you guys!

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