A few pics from day one/two was it one or two? What day is it actually?

It is way too late to blog… in fact it’s 2:36am after a very long travel day(s). What’s most important is that everyone made it and almost all the bags/boxes made it! We are expecting the rest to be delivered. God has been good to us this trip and it ran relatively smoothly in every way – which is good – because Madison-Craiova (via Chicago, London, and Bucharest) is quite a haul for 22 people carrying nearly 2 tons (4,000 lbs!) of weight in bags!

After an awesome greeting by our Romanian hosts, we had a “restful” bus ride back to Craiova, stopping for some Romanian pizza pies and arriving at our new host families late enough to just crash into bed for the night – hopefully sleeping off this early case of jet lag. While sleep on the plane was more successful for some than others (see below), we have a late start and ease-in day before us (then a few crazy days of camp planning). Off to bed – here a few pics from our travel. If you leave comments before you go to bed tonight, we’ll read them over breakfast!



7 thoughts on “A few pics from day one/two was it one or two? What day is it actually?

  1. So happy to hear that you made it safely! I know the families will love to read this post! God is amazing and it’s so wonderful to know that you are allowing him to direct your hands and feet while there. Looking forward to hearing more!! Earl / aka W’kee HG house dad / aka previous parental unit of 2 prior Romania Trip kids

  2. Ahhhh! Hello my friends! It is so good to see your faces. You all look awesome. I’m praying for you guys and hoping you get some good rest. Abs, hope your master sleep plan worked :-). Is #prayforangie trending yet? 🙂

  3. Super stoked to be able to follow your trip over the next two weeks! Looks like you guys are already off to a great start. I’ve decided to take a break from Facebook for the next couple weeks and instead come here every time I have a social media craving – so I’m expecting some quality content! (Not that it is that hard to supersede Facebook’s content, but still 🙂 Seriously though, super excited for you guys and all that you will give and be given. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the trip unfolds!

  4. Wow.I am so impressed at how lovely you all look.We are so blessed to have all this communication available.I love the photos and information. How was Romanian pizza?
    Each of you has an amazing opportunity to bless others and challenge yourselves.Your leaders should be thanked by you kids for still smiling in all the blogs! 🙂
    We are looking forward to the God stories.
    David,wakey wakey says Kyle!.

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