The 2014 Team is packed & ready . . .

ROM team pic

The 2014 Romania High School Team is packed and ready to head to Chicago to depart on a trip of a lifetime.  Their final destination:  Craiova, Romania.  They will make a stop in London and Bucharest before arriving in Craiova by mid-day tomorrow (Madison, WI time).

ROM BagsBags await to be loaded on the bus . . . there are 22 people going, each hauling 3 bags (lots of donated clothes), so that makes 66 bags (whew!  hope they all make it!).

ROM team bags

Many family, friends and Blackhawk Church staff gathered to pray over the team’s upcoming journey.  There are 7 leaders and 15 students going on the trip.

ROM prayers

We know God goes before them.  We also know that each team member will find challenge as well as joy as they all step out in faith on this adventure.  Can’t wait to hear what God is up to half-way around the world in Romania.

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Linda Hershberger (mom photographer)

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