A little about M.E.

Hello Readers!

I’m Melissa Ernst and I am one of the leaders for this trip!  I couldn’t be more excited to be joining this team on the adventure God has planned for us. I have been hearing about Romania and the incredible ways that God is working there for the past ten years from the Brady family, Lief, other leaders, students and even my mom. I have long been interested in going to Romania but it was just not in God’s plan for me…until now.

This summer has been a complete whirlwind for me! I think if I would have known back in January that I would have 8 weddings (being in half of them), a new niece arriving, siblings moving, parents moving and a crazy summer at work, I might not have agreed to lead this trip. But, it is clear that God had this trip in his plan for me (not one of the events listed interfered with this trip, crazy!).

A few things about my life

1) I absolutely adore my 2 nephews and my new niece

2) I love my job/being part of a family business that allows me to pursue my many passions

3) A perfect summer day for me in Madison includes playing some sand volleyball, getting out on the lake for a paddle and checking out a new or a favorite restaurant

4) One of my favorite parts of my week is getting to spend time with high school students at home groups and SLT

Thank you for all your support, prayers and love. I am incredibly blessed to be part of this stellar team.

In him,


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