Ben Hershberger Sneak Peak

Hello friends!  My name is Ben Hershberger, I am a rising senior at Middleton High School (only one year left!) and this will be my first time in Romania.  There, now I’m done right? You mean I have to right more? Of course! On to the fun stuff. This upcoming trip to Romania will be my 4th overall Blackhawk GO teams trip out of the country, the previous three being to Honduras.  Honduras is amazing and holds a huge piece of my heart and always will. Due to safety concerns there is no trip to Honduras this summer, but as the saying goes, when God shuts a door, he generally open another.  I am stoked that the door he has opened for me leads to Romania this summer 🙂

I’m the one in the white shirt below, in case it’s hard to tell…


I live with my parents (Linda and Mike) as well as my younger brother, Dan who is currently in Alaska on the middle school trip (What’s up, Dan!?).  I also have an older sister, Jenna who has been to Romania with HSM three times (She’s been very helpful getting me prepared for the trip, thanks Jenna!).  We have our share of sqabbles, as any family does, but I love em.  I play volleyball and ultimate frisbee at MIddleton as well as church league basketball, which is a blast.  In my spare time, which is a bit of an oxymoron for me as of late, I enjoy backpacking in the Rockies, eating, sleeping, running charity basketball tournaments, eating, sleeping (I do a lot of both of those), and being with my family and friends.


I’m pumped to be Romania bound in just a few short days. I can’t believe we leave so soon! Guess I should start packing…


Can’t wait to read all of your comments on the blog (*hint hint*) during our trip and we promise to keep you updated on the goings on.  God Bless you!

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