Hiking Day

What it do America? We had a stellar day hiking today. The Romanians don’t mess around and wanted to go all the way to the top of the mountain*(see bottom) so we split into groups. About half of the people went for gold on the summit while us milder folks just hiked a little bit and enjoyed Nature. J Munny and I had the opportunity to swim in a nice little pool with a small water fall cascading into it. Even though the water was cold, YOLO was running high so it was still fun.  The weather was beautiful and it was so refreshing to get out and work a little bit while feeling God’s sweet beauty caress our bosoms. So overall everyone was super stoked about the day. Then tonight Daniel gave another really good talk and hit everyone with the gospel. Taylor, Jeremy, Josh, Betty (a Romanian), Leah, Olivia and Abbie did an amazing job on a skit depicting God making us, then us falling away, then God saving us again! Needless to say people were crying. We’re still working through some hard things with some of the campers but on the whole the small group talks have been progressing and getting better and better. Peace- Grog

Hey everybody! Camp and getting to know all the Romanians and Romania in general has been an incredible adventure so far. Tonight Daniel shared the story of the gospel with the campers and we could tell it had a powerful effect on many of them. In small groups we were able to discuss what it means to have a relationship with Christ and were able to listen to many of their stories as well as share some of our own. By no means has camp been a piece of cake, but God has definitely been working in all of our hearts. Earlier in the day, we hiked and that was pretty sweet…actually amazing. Like Grog mentioned, we split into a few different groups and we (Hannah, Jeremy and Amelia) were among those daring enough to take on the light adventure. It was a bit strenuous 2.5 hour hike up the mountain but we made it and the view was spectacular—a crisp  stream within a luscious green valley, all enclosed by vast mountainous mountains. Overall, the day was full of challenges that our team utilized to build stronger relationships with each other and the campers. It was a long day and we need to hit the hay. See ya! –Amelia, Hannah and Jeremy J

P.S. Happy birthday mom!!!!!!!!!!!! –From Rachel.

*Jimmy here. Just want to say that I was on the hike that went to the top of the mountain and that though it was strenuous, it was a very safe and fun hike.

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  1. What an awesome update! The photo from your hike is frame perfect. I sure wish I could have seen the skit. I am sure it was powerful and memorable. It sounds like your team has had your share of challenges but are allowing them to help you grow closer to one another as you rely more on God and His strength. Very cool! I am so proud to be part of a church that has such incredible students making an eternal difference for His kingdom!

  2. The hiking sounds like it was a lot of fun and the relationships you are building will stay with you for a life time. It will hopefully change how you view the world. Could you please tell Hannah she needs to check her email about a job opportuntiy.

  3. Hey Romania peeps!! Hope you all finish out camp well. These last few days can be tiring but very rewarding. Enjoy your time while you are there because it always seems to go so fast. Praying!

    MegaSmiles: Hope you are having a fantastic time rekindling relationships with the Romanians! Keep those young whipersnappers in line 😛

    Joshy B: I know your doing big things there and I can’t wait to hear how’ve played a part in impacting those orphans lives forever. Also, don’t forget to show off your rapping skillz #JoshyB

    My boys Viva, Joe, and Milka: I will never forget you <3

    Jimmy Bashinos: 😉

    Bradys: I'm sure by now you are both starting to think of Romania as somewhat of a second home, so I hope you both have a great time and let God use you like I know he will. And Larebear, Pat will try to convince you that it may be time for a move, maybe even somewhere out of the US… Good luck with that

    Everyone else: You are all great and I am psyched for the experiences you are having there. Keep updating us with what is going on over there! #BLOGDUMP

  4. I second Hunter (Hunty Hunt Bar AKA Big Baby Koesh)–you guys are rock stars! Keep your eyes and hearts open–just because camp is ending doesn’t mean that God’s done using you. I’m praying for you all big time and I’m pumped to hear all of your stories. Love you all!!

  5. Tell Jeremy G that we got together with all the Gartland cousins and relatives in California today. Everyone is praying for you in Romania and eager to hear about the experience. We sure do miss you and send tons of love your way. We are off to Laguna Beach soon and will see the Detwiler side of the family now. Thanks to Jimmy for the comforting postscript. I am prayng that everyone is healthy and growing deeply from this chance to know God’s heart better.
    Mom Gartland

  6. Romania Team, you are in our hearts and prayers throughout the day, that you may, “take strength from the grace of God which is ours in Christ Jesus.” 2Tim.2:1. Stay strong in this last
    half of your trip.
    Rachel, thanks for your sweet birthday message and the thoughtful gifts. Can’t wait to use them!
    Yesterday we had a visit with Eda, then went to the county fair. We went to the barns, rode the bumper cars and ferris wheel but skipped the potatoes since it was about 100 degrees outside.
    We missed having you there. We are praying for you and love you!
    the Hartigs

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