Late Night Blogging with Greg, Josh & Jed

What’s good America?  Greg here. The last couple days have been rad. Tonight Jimmy rocked the talk and from what the campers in my group said, it moved a lot of them. The relationships we’ve been able to build with the people here has been a gift. I don’t know if anyone’s told you guys but the “kids” at camp are actually all different ages between 17 and probably 35. A friend of mine named Dutu (it’s got an accent under the t so it sounds like dutzu) is kind of a small guy and he took some of my clothes that were super big on him and dressed up like a gangster and went to dinner. It was super funny. I guess you had to be there… but seriously everyone seems to be getting along really well. Tonight the guys in my small group opened up and talked about some of their past and shared some heart wrenching stories. It’s weird because we hear all these stories and think about how sad they are for a second but then forget them. It’s so much different sitting across from someone and them telling you that all they want is a mom but they don’t have one or their parents died and other things that I could never imagine. I’m not going to try to describe it too much because it’s something you can’t understand until you’re there in person, and I can’t give the emotions justice by writing them down. Just imagine not having a family, or anyone for that matter. That’s what the campers here deal with. It’s pretty heavy to hear and it’s tough mentally to process but there’s no doubt that we’ve been given an amazing gift. –Grog

Hello, Joshua here.  It’s hard to continue a blog post after experiencing the soul and flavor of the Grog—so I won’t try.

This morning we met together as a leadership team with the Romanians, and discussed the daily proceedings.  As part of a devotional, Jimmy shared the passage in Matthew that tells us we are the light of the world.  Jimmy also elaborated by using the symbol of a mirror.  In the past, it has been easy for me to skip past verses like this—an elementary feeling of “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…” but on the trip, this simple truth has come alive.  In the midst of the Romanians, we have encountered dark places without God’s love and grace.  We are called to be mirrors that can only reflect light when we have a relationship with the light source—Christ.  Sometimes I can get internally impatient in the English classes, or while doing group activities with the Romanians. It takes a lot to stop and think of a switched situation.  The Romanians have shared their stories of a childhood without someone investing into them.  Our team is blessed to be able to work with Open Roads during this trip and have God work through us to show his light.  After a while as we become weary, it is reassuring to know that we have a solid foundation to draw energy from.  I am excited to see where we continue to go as camp continues.

Greetings earthlings. I’ve successfully re-grown my mustache, kind of. It’s disgusting. I’m very disgusting. But nobody seems to care, so that’s nice. Master Grog has taken me under his wing and taught me several new spells, including, “expectopatronads!” I have also learned the Romanian word for toenail, “unghii” which has come in handy in many conversations about my faith. No, but seriously, I’ve learned a lot thus far from all the campers and my teammates, and am excited to discover more about God’s sovereignty as this crazy adventure continues. It’s late and I have to rest up because tomorrow we’re exploring the wilderness. I hope to find a turtle. I really like turtles. I’m out….peace.

…but I’ll be back with a serious post sometime. J Munny

8 thoughts on “Late Night Blogging with Greg, Josh & Jed

  1. Okaaaay, so now we (Greg’s parents) are crying…

    It’s an amazing thing reading the posts from all of you describing what’s happening there. I mean what’s HAPPENING. We have been praying daily and often. There are times I/we have been prompted to pray for the team and for individuals on the team, and in reading all your experiences, I wonder which one was causing the Holy Spirit to tap me on the shoulder to say “now would be a good time…” Thank you for your honest posts. I hope you all know what you are involved in is life changing for the campers (and it sounds like for you, too). God is awesome, and the Romania GO Team rocks!

  2. p.s. – Tell Grog we received a delivery of grass fed beef steaks and jumbo shrimp today and it was delicious, but it will probably be all gone by the time he gets back…

  3. Thanks for painting such a cool picture. I am so grateful that God has placed you right where you are, reflecting His light and love. I am praying for all of you.

  4. Oh how we love a blog 2-fer!! Thanks for 2 blog entries today…it helps the mommas and the papas a lot! 🙂

    Sounds like it has been amazing and challenging. We can’t wait to hear the stories when you return! Praying for energy, patience and plenty of love felt! Hope your hike tomorrow is fantastic and I will be praying for Leah and Taylor especially on the climb!

    Taylor….just an FYI….I had a VERY good eyelash day today. Thought of you! 😉

    Keep shining your lights……love each other….build each other up….keep your eyes and hearts open to God working in every moment!
    Love to all..
    Taylor’s Momma

  5. Flo Rida Here (aka Flouride, Floorwax, Flo, Florac, or Jessica) WOW!!! I absolutely love following the blog and hearing how God is at work. Brings back memories of my time there. Hugs to all! Make sure to take plenty of pictures!
    Abbie H – Still so excited that you’re on this trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it, love you my little student council president!
    Pat and Larry – You guys are seriously awesome and never cease to amaze me with how open and loving your hearts are. Hope this trip is as amazing as all the others.
    Praying for you all as you wrap up your week at camp!

  6. Wow. It’s been awesome to get a little glimpse into what is happening at camp. So cool that campers have been opening up and relationships are continuing to grow. Praying for you guys everyday! Praying for strength…especially on that “walk” tomorrow. I know Daniel tends to call scaling a mountain just a short walk. 🙂 but seriously, keep pressing in to Jesus. Even when you are exhausted, hot, and feeling burnt out. You guys are the hands and feet of Jesus, and He is with you every second of every day.

  7. Oh heavens…My dear Josh..please control the self-anointed “J Munny.”

    You folks make me so happy! Isn’t Jesus the coolest?!?!!!! I’m praying for you. I’m also CONSTANTLY checking this blog, reading and re-reading :3 so keep posting!

    Also, let it be known (if it wasn’t already) that there is a movie coming out about a turbo snail. I found out a few days ago. And can someone tell Jed that we ended up eating the confused rooster?

    Much love♥♥♥

    Ps. @jed, Halmunee and 삼촌 and 큰이모 say they miss you! 그리고 삼촌 says “알바하고 돈벌고 비행기 표 사~~” I don’t know why, but apparantly it’s important
    Pps. Next time, don’t use words like “expectopatronads” and “earthlings”! Do you know how long it took me to explain that?

  8. Such a joy to read about how God is working!! We are looking forward to more stories and pics as it sounds like there is much happening.

    Joshua, with you not home we have been marveling at how clean the kitchen is staying and how little food is being consumed!! We are trying to keep the cows happy in your absence by enjoying the $1 anniversary cheese curds at Culvers in your honor!!

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