17594_10151705798509520_532446954_nHey, That’s us!

From Earlier: Hello friends and family! This is Sami and I am updating you on our whereabouts and shenanigans. We have reached the airport and we are currently enjoying homemade cake pops while waiting for our flight. We are all still energized with excitement and so far no tired fits have broken out….but we’ll see how that changes after the flight!  Only a couple hours and we will be on our way to Warsaw, Poland. And then we will be headed to Romania!

And now we are in Warsaw! It’s Grog (Greg) here, and we have to say, the Warsaw airport is pretty rad. They’re relaxed about money and not too worried about exact change. I bought some orange juice. It’s super nice. Logan saved a woman’s life on the plane after she passed out. I actually didn’t see it myself but I heard it was pretty awesome. Also we got tired for a second but now we’re over tired so it’s all good. 

Peace friends! We will update again soon. It’s 10:30am here, and 3:30am at home. So basically we time traveled.

25 thoughts on “Airports!!!

  1. Wow! Sounds about right: time travel, tired to overtired, cake pops, orange juice, and… wait, Logan did what?!? Looking forward to the full story there! So excited you are now on the bus en route to Craiova, talking & laughing with Daniel & his team, taking in a new culture & countryside, & assumedly nodding off mid-sentence due to severe jet lag! You’re almost to Craiova! Sleep well tonight! So excited! Many back home praying & sending our love! Keep blog updates & pictures coming! Maybe, shoot for every 4-7 hours. 🙂 -Lief

  2. Awesome – Saving a life on a plane – never done that before – pretty amazing beginning. Can’t wait to read the next post.

  3. What an exciting start! We are praying for you guys! Keep those posts coming. 🙂

  4. Wow! Time traveling! That was not on the itinerary! 😉
    SO glad to hear that you all arrived safely. Logan can thank Luke for the dry run of passing out triage (at the packing party) in enabling him to save that woman’s life!
    Looking forward to the next blog post in 4-7 hours…. Lief said so!
    Someone give Taylor a big old punch in the arm from her momma! Love ya T!

  5. Very Exciting! What a start to a fantastic trip, adventure, time of your lives! Praying that all goes well! Will someone Hug Taylor for her Dad?!?!!!!

  6. Very exciting! Another shout out to Taylor S. Connor and Andrew miss you and are praying for you every night! Jan M.

  7. Woohoo! Don’t you guys love Europe?! So glad you are on the ground. Can’t wait to read further posts about your journey. Enjoy every moment!

  8. Let’s see, right now you should all be sleeping soundly. I’ll be praying that you wake up feeling refreshed and re-energized for the 2 weeks that lie before you! Also, I just got the text that you ate pizza last night (which is really tonight for us) and now I have a craving. We may end up eating five dollar hot n readys at our house tonight in your honor. 🙂

  9. What’s up Romania team!? Hope things are going well. Shout out to Greg from your Thursday night homegroup peeps! We wish you were here but we’re glad that you’re there.
    We dont want you to feel like youre missing anything so here the things we learned about each ither tonight…

    Kristin “The Misc Kit” Muenster – carried all the heavy stuff in Colorado
    Kristen Suloff aka “Kickin Tooloff” can now use both legs and will be working construction in wv
    Katie “Happy Pants” Dietlin – has had many adventures this summer including making shorts she found on pinterest
    Matt “The Biff” Russ – is still cheering for the Chicago Biffs
    Tumblin Ashley Dabel – is working at the gym and teaching her week old nephew back handsprings
    Brad, the Peruvian Entertainer – sang and danced in Lima
    Meron “Mary Poppins” has been hanging out with her niece and nephew.
    Claire “Packin the Snacks” Bucholz – Claire is eating your share of the chex mix tonight in between her gigs nannying, teaching figure skating and keeping Katie and Kristen S. in line.
    Stylin Dan the Mountain Fashion Man – Dan has gotten a new pair of shoes and two new pairs of pants. No new bandanas. Dan does NOT like new bandanas.
    Homeslice Heather Watts – Heather made the mistake of telling us about her plaid hammer pants tonight.
    Rebecca “The Bone Crusher” Stigler – managed to avoid all potential injuries while playing ultimate frisbee
    Kristen “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Horse” Horst, aka, Hoarst the Horse Eater – danced and sang the National Anthem in Peru with her main man, Brad.

  10. Hey team! The Radixes here (Greg’s family). Glad to hear you are all safe, nourished, and doing relaxing things like saving lives. If anyone sees Greg, let him know his parents found a deal on Travelocity and they’ll be in Hawaii for the next 17 days or so. We put the new cat and a litter box in his room while he’s gone. Have him clean it if he gets back before we do. Seriously, we are praying for all of you and are humbly impressed with this mission you have taken on (Meg says she’s a little jealous, but in a good way…) So, what is Romanian pizza like, anyhow?

  11. Sami- thanks for your blog. Please remind Jed to work on cartoons in his journal as I suggested. Have fun and enjoy your work at the camp and travels.

  12. Hey Rachel H! Hope you’re doing super well! Can’t wait to hear more and I miss you back home! *

  13. Hi, we just came in from watching the new “banana” moon and Venus set. I’m wondering if
    you saw the same beautiful moon 8 hours ago, or if you will see it in 16 hours? Or perhaps
    jetlag is making you see stars and lights all day long? Have a blessed first day in Craiova.
    We miss you Rachel!

  14. Hey Romania Team!!
    Ce Faci!?!
    I am glad to hear everything is going well so far! Hope you guys were able to get some rest during your travels!! I am sending all my love and prayers your way and cannot wait to hear more about the trip and how God is working in Romania. You guys are awesome keep it up!!

    your #1 blog fan,
    -Catie Smiley 🙂

  15. Yay!!!!! That is soo awesome that everything is going smoothly so far!

    Joshy: I let Sammy sleep in your bed last night, and I am pretty sure he won’t be giving it up any time soon. He also ate all of the cheese.

    Logan: Good job! I guess you really do need everything in your medical backpack! But I am still praying that you won’t need to use it again.

    Hannah: Hope your first flight went well, and that whoever sat next to you wasn’t too harmed in the process! 🙂

    Love you all lots!

  16. Glad to receive a text that you all got some rest and some pizza. Way to go Jimmy….securing pizza for the team is one of the signs that you’re leading well. LOL
    Larry, how’d the shoulder hold up in travel? Thinking and praying for the team and Romanian friends.

    • You betcha Susan. Pizza is an easy decision though. Larry is doing well so far, though sitting out during ultimate frisbee today was probably more painful than anything.

      • Oh man – Lar-bear! Good restraint! Now… (chanting) NEW BLOG POST! PICTURES! NEW BLOG POST! PICTURES! – We are so excited, we can hardly stand it! 🙂

    • Yes Jimmy is right, it is painful not to play. Great to be here, everything is manageable, travel was about what I predicted. Eager to see how God will work in camp.

  17. Hey readers, jimmy here. Thanks for all your encouraging and humorous comments. We feel so loved when we get to read them out loud. We were busy up until bedtime tonight, so all th students are back at their homes. Its 12:30am here, but i really want to crank out an update. Ill put this next post together, but expect students voices on here for almost all the rest of the posts. Sooooo, blog post coming soon. The end.

  18. I am so proud of what this group is doing in Romania. I brag every day at work about my son and the rest of you! God looks down on you and smiles.

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